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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yukan Club / 有閑倶楽部

2007 NTS drama that starred one of my favorite Japanese JPop turned Actor, Akanishi Jin.
Episode 7 starred another, favorite actor - this one from Taiwan - Mike He.

That's about all the GOOD I can say with regards to this particular drama.

Yeeeeesh! what a mess.

This was the last of the dramas I watched but had no time to critique here because of college - and I had dumped it five different times before finally forcing myself to go through with it to the bitter end.

Poor Bakanishi, having to plod his way through something so asinine and cheeky!

Honestly, I don't even feel like telling anyone about this, although I already know everyone under the age of 18 has seen it at least twice, if not five times now.

Yukan Club wasn't, even smarmy in the typical Asian bubble-gum chewer fashion with dopey uniform wearers acting stupid, immature, or cocky.

Not even hotty Jin could keep this mess afloat - and when Mike He came to the rescue toward the end - it still wasn't enough to do Yukan Club any justice.

It was yet another attempt at making Manga seem realistic - only this time it failed with a huge-ass bomb.

I'm hard-pressed to remember a Japanese drama (manga/anime based or not) that made me this disappointed and embarrassed.

The acting wasn't half bad, though the chick who liked to eat all the time made me want to smack her early on -

Instead, it was the inane, dopey plots that made me groan and tune out so many times!

I'm no rocket scientist, but I'll bet the ONLY reason this was so popular with the 12-15 year old set was because of Jin and nothing else.

If they filmed him sitting on a toilet for 11 episodes, I'm sure those same chicks would tune in and gush to their heart's content.

No doubt that afterward they'd find more than enough reason to recommend it to their friends, too.

I noticed this was the last drama he starred in, and that his latest work is in a movie titled 'Bandage' ??

He plays a rock star.

It was also rumored that he spent time in America in order to perfect his English, and I must say that if it's true, then it did him some good because while he didn't say much in English in Yukan Club, he did pop off a few lines in one episode, and it sounded rather flawless to my American English ears.

Ok - here are my pictures and then it's time for me to start looking for summer employment.



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