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Friday, April 23, 2010

Suekko Chounan Ane Sannin / 末っ子長男姉三人 / The Eldest Boy and His Three Elder Sisters

2003 TBS release about a woman bordering on 30 who meets a guy younger than her and they end up getting married despite the fact she has yet to reveal her actual age.
It's another, typical (stereotypical?) drama about 'coming-of-age' and the rush to do ones duty to State.
However - I liked this, particular story and the characters.
She works at a radio station and produces a popular 'love' program that features a middle-age woman who gives advice to those who call in to the show.
He's a doll.
The only son of a widow and with three, older sisters, he's hapless, quiet, and ineffective but hopelessly in love.
Shortly after they say "I Do!" and they move into his mother's house (the mother has taken off on a countrywide tour to follow her favorite singer), the older sisters end up moving back in, disrupting the honeymoon phase of their relationship.
His oldest sister left her husband and teenage son after she discovered the old man was having an affair.
She's angry, anal, and vindictive, but it a humorous way if you can believe that.
The middle sister is beautiful and very successful, but she returned from a lucrative position overseas for a reason we don't find out about until more than halfway through the story.
The youngest sister is a tomboy with no, set talent other than a desire to make it onto the stage - but in her own way and of her own choosing.
Naturally, this set-up provides for a lot of awkward moments and tension that builds throughout the first half of the 11-episode drama, climaxes toward the end, and then the resolution comes.
It makes me wonder sometimes if anyone in Japan has realized yet that maybe part of the reason why marriage rates have declined might have something to do with the pressure involved along with the odd fact that to turn 25 in that country is somehow taboo?


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