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Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby! / ベイビィ ベイビィ ベイビィ!

2009 Japanese movie that stars Arisa Mizuki, Yuki Matsushita, Shosuke Tanihara, Naohito Fujiki (NOT!), Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Yuki Saito, Kazue Ito, and Uno Kanda.

This is the story of an upwardly mobile, young woman with a journalism career who gets pregnant by a photographer she secretly had a crush on but was not in a romantic relationship with.

A one-night stand, in other words.

He finds out about the baby and rushes back to Japan from Vietnam, where he worked as a freelance photographer.

He's really hawt (Shosuke Tanihara)! Long, thick hair he pulls back in a ponytail, with dark skin, sexy eyes, and a decent bod.

IF that's even him, though.

The Shosuke Tanihara on Google Images looks nothing like the dude playing Tetsuya in the movie,
and it also said that Naohito Fujiki starred, which was what made me watch in the first place - but even after a second viewing, I still didn't see him, so I'm beyond confused.

Anyway, Yoko (Arisa Mizuki) isn't the only one having a baby, and she meets more preggo's at a clinic who all happen to go into labor at the same time, on the same night of a full moon.

Someone at tried to make this out to be a poignant, reflection piece about real life.


yeah -

The only real-life instance I could see was Yoko's attitude about her work being tantamount to and more important than anything else going on around her - including the feelings and opinion of the man desperate to become a part of a family after being orphaned so young.

The female doctor at the clinic seems like a cold fish, but then we find out she is taking care of her senile mother in a back room and she's growing increasingly jealous of and angry about the attitudes of some of her patients, who take pregnancy, romance, and family for granted while she can have none of it for herself.

There were two actresses in this movie who drove me mad and made me want to plug my ears.
One of the nurses at the clinic, and the woman who portrayed a famous actress giving birth to a married senator's child.
Both women sucked on helium balloons before speaking their lines, and it was the most annoying sound I don't ever hope to hear again.

Because Nao wasn't in this when it said he was, and because of the totally fake babies at the end of the show, who succeeded in scaring the crap out of me, I give this one 3 stars and recommend it to anyone in need of killing a few hours - maybe before a test or while waiting for snow to melt, the rain to stop, or for your boyfriend to arrive.


  1. fujiki is in the movie as guest star. he was the deputy editor seen in the beginning, who "usurped" mizuki's place after the company found out she's preggers

  2. oh yea! you are absolutely right. I totally forgot - but, yes, he was in the very first scenes, and then nothing. Thank you!


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