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Friday, April 23, 2010

Supermarket Woman

Ok --- I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you only have one opportunity to watch a Japanese movie this YEAR - make it Supermarket Woman!

It's a 1996 release that stars a bunch of people I'll bet a majority of you don't, even know.

Strange, but true - this had to have been the funniest, most enjoyable watch in a good, long time!

Think about it - an everyday woman in her 50's ends up running a grocery store after the man who owns the run-down place bumps into her at a supermarket grand-opening directly across the alley from his business.

And - he falls in love with her, too.

She's energetic, no-nonsense, and has the cutest smile ever.
If anyone reading this has ever watched an episode of Northern Exposure, you'll want to identify the woman who ran the convenience store in that long-running, American show with the old lady in this Japanese winner.

At least that was the way I kept seeing her anyway.

Anyhow, the old man is desperate to keep his store afloat even as the new supermarket across the alley is stealing customers, having constant sales promotions, and is tempting his relatives with a lot of $$ if they will just sell their property to the big man.

She enters the picture by offering to look over his store and tell him what he's doing wrong.
She ends up overhauling the whole place and making it a thriving business, but not before going through a lot of hassles, hoops, and opposition - even from those within and from the owner as well.

Supermarket Woman was enjoyable beginning to end, and I highly recommend this one!



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