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Saturday, December 24, 2011

L For Love, L For Lies / Ngor dik dzui oi

2008 Hong Kong movie starring Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Stephy Tang, and Alice Tzeng. It's about what the title implies: love and betrayal. The girl is cutesy and runs a small shop with her fiance, and then a snobby betch rolls into town, stealing the boyfriend quite effortlessly. The result is the 'she' ends up losing the shop and her fiance while her life continues to spiral downward. She's kind-hearted, though, yet when she meets up with a con-artist, her only thought is to hire him to do to the interloper what the interloper's done to her, and that is to destroy the interlopers life. The movie ran seamlessly, remained intriguing throughout, and though the ending was somewhat predictable, it still came as a bit of a shocker. I liked it for the 'escapism' aspect that helped to transport me into another realm for a few hours.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tadashi Shoji Spring / Summer 2012 Full Show | EXCLUSIVE

I know this isn't about drama, movies, or even music ~ but, it's been awhile since anything out of the fashion industry has had this type of an impact on me.

The guy did an AMAZING job, and I wanted to share.

(2011) Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York) for the Spring 2012 Collections

Friday, August 26, 2011

드림하이 / Dream High


2011 Korean Drama about aspiring high school students that audition for and are then selected to attend Kirin Performing Arts.

The main characters in this interestingly REFRESHING K-doh were Suzy as Go Hye mi, Kim Soo hyun as Song Sam dong, Taecyeon as Jin gook / Hyun Shi hyuk, Ham Eun jung as Yoon Baek hee, Wooyoung as Jason, and IU as Kim Pil sook.

By interesting, I mean that for a 'high school' referenced theme that centered on all things 'twit', I still, thoroughly enjoyed watching Dream High (even when it got schmaltzy in places, maudlin in others, and twit-i-fied at times / hence the 4 out of 5).

Yea, I'm totally and completely UNASHAMED to admit that he's the real reason for my interest!

And, as an aside: I PREFERRED THIS LOOK to the other, two dapper, cleaned-up, stuffy boring he became.

??? and, Why'd I know early on that girlfriend was gonna ef with his hair ???

For the umpteenth time now ... get your hands off my boy, and stay the hell away from his HAIR, too!

AnywayZ ... this is the story of a snooty chick with dreams of singing opera and plans to attend Julliard when (ahem - stop me if you've heard this before) her OLD MAN gets into TROUBLE with FINANCES and has to BAIL, leaving her and the dreams in the dust.

She's got this kinda-sorta friend who sticks to her like gum on the bottom of a shoe, ditto's her every word, and copies her persona until the day of the audition to attend 'whoo-hoo' Kirin arrives, and then the fangs, claws, and horns appear (natch).

I wonder if the ajummas were totally bummed to see 'what's his name' disappear so early on in this 16-episode story? just curious, cause, even if I'm not one of his fans, and I still can't figure out what the big deal is (other than his slammin' bod) ... I actually hoped he'd re-appear somewhere down the road.

Okay, so then there's this totally HOT dude who acts all hard-ass and cool, but he's actually (dare I say it?) the illegitimate son of a prominent government guy (wow - such originality, I swear!)

Yes, I liked him AND his bod, face, and eyes (even if I did, keep getting a strange ... is that the dude from 3-Iron? feeling. It can't be, cause he's, like, WAY too tall) - but, as soon as the country bumpkin arrived, forget it - Ken Doll? Where? I don't see no Ken doll next to all this shiny brightness!!

At least he'd be able to play a roll alongside Oh Ji ho as his Dong saeng and make it believable, eh?


lol - now, ask me if I care?

Actually enjoyed all the dancing, - but, I'm confused.  How can Korean chicks walk around thinking they're all pure, delicate, and refined when they learn how to 'pole' dance by age 10?  I'm sorry, but, this does not compute in my mind no-way, no-how.

Do they even realize or know what it is they're emulating with some of those nasty moves, I wonder?  How many of you saw that one chick doing the 'humpty' a few times?  IT'S A SEX MOVE, for crying out loud!  We do things like that behind closed doors for our horny, significant other and NOT for a crowd of millions of other, clueless dorks, yea?

"I've never been kissed, dreamin' of my one, true love sittin' under the apple tree, wearing all white with a flower in my hair!" (danced to the pose on page 169 of the Kama Sutra).

At least that's how "I" see it anyway.

The person whom I think stole the show, too, was IU's Kim Pil sook and her is he or isn't he relationship with Woo young's Jason.

Realistic, heartwarming, affectionate, true, and believable start to finish - and that was ONE TIME where I could appreciate all the heartsy-flowery-sugary goodness, too.  I want a frickin' doll that resembles the dude I'm crazy about that I can carry everywhere so as not to be so alone!

And, I've actually been on the 'eat like a queen for breakfast, a commoner for lunch, and a hermit for dinner' diet for months now ... gotta admit that it works - only problem is, I'm never hungry til dinner time!

She should know better than to eat ppang, though.

This doesn't, actually need further explanation, does it?

The kids come together at this exclusive school to immerse themselves in the world of 'pop culture' so they can 'shine' on a stage, and for 16 episodes, they go through a host of Korean-esque troubles, torment, ridicule, and betrayal in order to succeed, too.

Pretty maiden is pursued by the two leads, the two leads are at odds over their shared feelings, she likes him first, and then him second, cat fights, back-stabbing, and power struggles galore ............... it's all there and then some, but, it still had enough magic to work (at least on me anyway).

My baby boy had me in tears tons, too - and I really, REALLY dig this guy!

I liked this story, and I'm pretty sure y'all will, too.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

單身男女 / Daan gyun naam yu

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

2011 Hong Kong movie that stars Daniel Wu and Louis Koo, who meet the same woman at about the same time.

Louis' character is a big-shot trader working in a glass building as the CEO of an exchange, and she happens to work in another, glass structure that overlooks his office.

She's recently been dumped by a third man (Terrence Yin), and on a crowded tram, she is forced to not only stare at his pregnant fiance, but he insults her in front of the crowd as well as taking his girlfriend's side.

Louis' character happens to pull up alongside the tram in his fancy sports car, and he notices the un-pleasantries taking place aboard the street car, so when she gets off at the earliest stop, he tries to follow but loses her.

Daniel's character is a wastrel drinking in broad daylight on the streets of Hong Kong when he sees the woman walking into traffic, yet even drunk, he manages to save her from getting killed.

Louis' character is a loveable playboy whose true intentions are difficult to gauge, much less trust even if it is your own instinct.

Daniel's character, on the other hand, as loser-type as he seems, is obviously the better man with a heart of gold who is actually an architect, but when he realized his first, great success might not be top-able, he went into a tailspin and lost it all.

After meeting her, though, and when he suggests she take all of her boyfriends things, sell them, and then spend the money before the day ends, she challenges him to do something similar, like go home, sober up, and create the next, great masterpiece.

He takes what she suggests to heart, and a week later, he returns to where they first met, wanting to show off his latest idea - but, she never shows up as promised.

She's become involved with Louis' character, and it isn't until three years later that she meets Daniel's character again.

I can't say any more about this story, but I really enjoyed it, and I'm thankful as EVER that at least Hong Kong and Taiwan are in the mood to make intelligent, MATURE, and provocative type stuff like this.

SO welcome the change from teen-tween-immature angst BS that has glutted the market!

第36個故事 / Di 36 Ge Gu Shi

Taipei Exchange


2010 Taiwanese movie about sisters with opposite personalities, and neither of them have their mother's acerbic nature, who decide to open a 'Starbucks' type place.

The elder sister has brains and loves to bake, so she assumes the hot items on the menu will include her pastries and the coffee - making her wealthy.

The younger sister is no-nonsense and carefree, but when it comes to business, she takes things serious and sets out to promote the new cafe, hoping to meet a lot of interesting people.

What starts out as a typical business venture turns into something entirely unique and that has ZERO to do with making a profit, the silence is golden at times, the characters are totally believable, and there is even a little romance thrown in the mix.

I really enjoyed this '...out of the way' and un-ordinary story, and I think you will, too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

ギフト / Gift


1997 11-episode, Fuji-TV comedy/thriller of sorts that starred (drumroll please) Kimura Takuya as Yukio/Takehiro - a hot dude with long, sexy hair he wears back in a ponytail while delivering things to clients, and then when the job is done, he removes the band to let the glorious mane fly free ^^;

I couldn't find a decent image of this drama to post here, so I found a pic of him from around that time period (he looks pretty much that way in the show).

At the start, the theme song took me by surprise when I heard Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music doing Tokyo Joe - nice touch!

But, then I began to resent the way, too long intro ten minutes into every episode but the last.
Also had viewing issues with this one at, which forced me to risk a computer virus having to watch this at disgustingly scary

Pop-up paradise that website, and ad-laden to the hilt, too!

Every five, danged minutes (your movie will appear in 30, 29, 28 ...)


I hate having to abandon, but for KimuTaku, I'll do anything  (*^.^*)

Anyway, if you haven't seen this one, or you've forgotten what it was about after all these years (LOL) - the story begins when a woman who's just stolen billions from some research facility is tracking down her boyfriend, who appears to have absconded with the loot.

When she arrives at his place, she follows a trail of blood to his room, opens a closet door, and out falls a naked and badly beaten (damn, that guys got amazing skin, huh?) Yukio, who now has amnesia and can't remember anything about his past, including his own name.

She takes him in and gives him the delivery job, all the while hoping he'll get his memory back and tell her where her long-lost lover has run away to, but 3 years pass where Yukio can't recall a thing still.

Each episode has him delivering a new and interesting item to a new and interesting character, but it isn't until the very end that we realize what each of those encounters is supposed to mean to Takehiro (his real name).

Someone at wrote a totally snarky comment about this being Japans sleazy way of offering soft-core to Take-kun's adoring fans, and as per usual, I couldn't DISagree more.

Yes, he was shown in black briefs and falling out of that closet numerous times, but c'mon now - do you honestly believe that was ALL they were trying to convey?

Grow up and get a life.

I know it's old news, and I know everyone is like WAY over him now, but ....... I LOVE THIS GUY!

Still haven't heard him sing, yet, though.

Anyway, Yukio eventually gains back his memory, and it isn't pretty what he discovers about his past, but the ending is a good one!

Here's a brief article I found while searching for a decent image of the drama, and I think you'll get a kick out of what he has to say.
Takuya Kimura
Written by Jack Herbert
The sexiest man in Asia
Takuya Kimura Actor/singer/TV star Takuya Kimura, popularly known as "Kimutaku", is a member of pop-group SMAP and Japan's biggest male star. He is regularly voted Asia's best-looking man and is a major sex-symbol in Asian gay culture.

However, he is an atypical heart-throb. In his frequent acting roles, he performs his own stunts, which hospitalised him after he fell onto some rocks in 1998.

The hysteria surrounding him might be dangerous, especially given his talent for "bad-boy" roles. His use of a butterfly knife in 1997 TV drama 'The Gift' allegedly prompted a spate of copycat attacks by disaffected teenage fans on teachers and other students.

Despite a macho image (by idol standards), he seems to have a curious fascination with cosmetics, which frequently feature in his TV commercials. He's also rumoured to carrying a bag of make-up at all times, and wear platform shoes to compensate for his teeny (167cm) stature.

In 2000, he married singer Shizuka Kudo, to the dismay of millions of Japanese girls (and a slightly smaller number of Japanese men). They have 2 children.

10年先も君に恋して / Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite

I'll Love You in 10 Years

2010 NHK, 6-episode rom/com drama that stars Ueto Aya as Onozawa Rika, a single editor who is good at her job but clueless about things like ai.

As an example, one of her clients is a popular romance novelist who has an obvious thing for her, yet she has no notion or even a hint of a vibe coming from across the cafe table they always share when discussing his latest projects.

Then, she happens upon a mysterious man wearing a trench coat, a hat, and in dark sunglasses, whom she first assumes is a hentai stalker (because they're EVERYWHERE in Japan!), but it turns out he is from ten years into the future, and he's there to prevent her from meeting HIM.

Cutey fails, though, and Rika ends up meeting her future husband - a nerdy type science buff going on 30 and still in college doing research on a silly elevator to the heavens project.

Uchino Masaaki as Maruyama Hiroshi gave me the impression he was Hideaki Ito's older brother in horn rimmed glasses much of the time, and I appreciated that, thank you very much!

While Rika is trying to make headway with young Hiroshi, ten-years-later Hiroshi keeps popping up to dissuade her until she eventually discovers the truth about the budding relationship and how awful things turn out for them later on.

I'm sorry, but I must interject at this point ........ ten years isn't THAT much time to make one so completely unrecognizable that for at least four of the six episodes Rika keeps fighting the guy and refuses to believe what he's trying to convey.

30 to 40 is like saying 'next year' in the facial recognition department.

Funnier still, is how these dramas ALWAYS portray children growing up, and twenty years later, they INSTANTLY recognize one another.

Now, THAT is a stretch more than a mere ten years between 30 and 40.

Anyway ~ Hiroshi loves Rika very much, but their marriage goes south when she quits her dream job so he can pursue his career; which takes them to Detroit of all places, and then on to Germany and so-forth.

He becomes famous, wealthy, and popular while she struggles to maintain some semblance of dignity as his faithful shadow while growing to resent the fact that she gave up everything for him and ended up with nothing.

It's the whole point of the story, and Rika fights her future husband every step of the way, too, insisting that love will triumph over adversity, and that with patience and understanding, they'll work things out.

I really, HoNTo Ni loved this storyline!

The ratings over there say otherwise, though. :(

오! 마이 레이디 / Oh! My Lady

2010 SBS comedy/romance drama that starred Choi Si won as Sung Min woo (a Super Junior dude) as a stuck-up, popular actor who can't act, but because he can sing and has a tight bod, the fans adore him even if no one else does.

I kept getting a Daniel Henney vibe for the first, few episodes, which made me laugh (and wonder if he was chuckling about it, too) - but, then things began to get serious and I forgot all about said hunk who can't sing, is making an effort to improve his acting, and has a delicious bod.

Anyway, as all Korean dramas go, this is yet, another Cinderella fairytale thing where rich, snob GUY bumps into poor, forlorn girl who is supposedly unattractive, mousy, but with tons of character NO dude can ignore ... they meet, they quarrel, they meet again, quarrel some more ..............

She is a 30+ divorcee with a child she can't support anymore, so until she gets back on her feet, she dumps the daughter off at no-account ex-husbands place and ventures forth into the world of (get this) Hallyu.

She had a rich friend doctor (married, but we never see her husband - as usual), who does what she can to help out.

She can't, even find work through a temp agency, but SOMEHOW, she winds up at the office of an uppity man obsessed with (of all things) musicals.

He hasn't had any success over the years and is heavily in debt, but that hasn't stopped him from continuing to try, so if she wants to work there, she has to get mega-star Min woo to be the lead in his latest play.

"Sure, no problem!"

See, a chance encounter before this dream job came about WITH aforementioned actor meant that she could easily slip inside his hotel room, hand over the contract, and insist that he sign so she can get her daughter back.

(She was his cleaning lady for an entire, twenty minutes when something came up and she had to run out - leaving an iron on a shirt he intended to wear to an autograph session that afternoon).

She also knows that he has a HUGE, Korean actor secret to hide, so she holds that one over his head, forcing him to give in via blackmail.

In exchange for his services, he demands that she return as his housemaid and take full responsibility for the HUGE Korean actor secret so that he can carry on with his flamboyant lifestyle - no worries.

She agrees, and for a ton of episodes we watch as they slowly start to acquire feelings for one another yet hold them back for such & such reasons until the very end, when all hell breaks loose, the secret is out, and Min woo falls from grace.

Personally, I can't imagine being allowed to act the way Korean fans do.

They're the ones who put these guys up on pedestals NO ONE other than God can justify, and yet when their idol does something 'human', they get all pissy and throw eggs in complete and understandable, mature fashion.

HER attitude, though, prevented me from tuning out with a loud groan, and some of her sentiment rang true of my own ~ which ended up feeling kinda creepy, I must say.

Yes, the actor is partially responsible since he signs contracts that include clauses about 'behavior' and 'norm' being just this side of impossible to pull off, but there you go ~ I mean, is it really such a wonder when 'humans' who pretend to be 'gods' end up falling from grace?

Silly, silly garbage.

What saved this one for me was Choi Si won and his beautiful-ness ^^ to include a great head of hair, sexy eyes, a slammin' bod, and interesting acting ability.

I know I've said this before about other actors, but I can't help myself sometimes, and this was one of them ... when I first saw him on the screen, he gave off a Takeshi Kaneshiro vibe like you wouldn't BELIEVE!

The lead actress (Chae rim as Yoon Gae hwa) did a great job, too, as did her no-account ex, the stuffy man who strove for perfection in the performing arts department, and even Min woo's Kkangpae agent.

The ratings for this over there weren't, too shabby, either, and a majority of the votes at gave it a 5.

I reserved the coveted, fifth star on account of the fact I'm sick & tired of the same-old, same-old from Korea, and I want something new, something different, something exciting and so, totally unexpected that it knocks me off my feet!

And, I want So Ji sub to be the leading man starring alongside Kim Nam jin, too.

내 사랑 팥쥐 / Nae Sarang Patjwi

My Love Patzzi

2002 MBC Drama that starred Kim Rae won as Kim Hyun sung, a young zoologist hopeful working the summer at the American equivalent of a theme park that also has a zoo and banquet facilities.

He meets a girl who started work there after losing a teaching position at a local pre-school, and from there the sparks begin to fly.

Yes, it's an oldie, so you can expect there to be a love triangle, unnatural hatred among 'friends', and the ubiquitous bitch there to spoil things until the last, few frames of the show.

Oh, and there is even the medical malady thrown in the mix as well.

According to someone at wiki-drama:
"Patjwi (pat-jwi) is the name of a Korean folk tale character. It is also romanized as Patji and Patzzi."

According to

pat·sy[pat-see] –noun, plural -sies. Slang.
1. a person who is easily swindled, deceived, coerced, persuaded, etc.; sucker.
2. a person upon whom the blame for something falls; scapegoat; fall guy.
3. a person who is the object of a joke, ridicule, or the like.

There is no, such word as patzzi in the English language, so I'd have to read up on Korean folklore to get the message, unless  that's someone's weird way of spelling what the English term is, who knows.

Jang Na ra as Yang Song yi is that 'patsy' in this drama since it's her 'friend' who constantly sets her up for the latest fall.

Kim Jae won as Kang Seung joon is the son of the park owner (naturally) - and, naturally, he falls for our Song yi instead of for the rich, pretty girl (Hong Eun hee as Eun Hee won) who hates Song yi for whatever reason.

Both girls knew Hyun sung in elementary school, and they both had a crush on him (as did all the other, little girls at the school), and when Hee won tells Song yi to go for it, she does so with vigor when Hee won suddenly butts in and takes him away ~ thus the constant rift between the now sworn enemies.

Now that they're adults, Hee won thinks that Hyun sung, while handsome and dashing, isn't cut out to be her likely mate since he's not going anywhere financially - but, Hyun sung still thinks that Song yi is a jerk and he continues to pursue the snobby chick while putting down Song yi.

Now, to finally exact her revenge on Hee won, Song yi gets it in her head to muck up the works inside a brand new parade train in the hopes that Hee won will be blamed.

Bad turns to worse when that train is taken for an early spin by the park owner's son, the electric works start to spark and then smoke - and then the whole, expensive machine is ablaze.

Stunned but valiant, Song yi rushes to the aid of the unconscious rich guy, drags him out of the flames, and when he finally opens his eyes, she begs him to forgive her before running away.

Seung joon falls for Song yi, but guilt prevents her from returning the favor just then, and when Hyun sung finds out what a bitch Hee won is, he turns his attention toward Song yi while Hee won does whatever it takes to get Song yi out of the picture so she'll have a clear shot at Seung joon.

For a majority of the ten episodes, we watch as Hee won works her evil magic on Song yi, Song yi falls for Seung joon at about the same time our Hyun sung falls for her, and then when Seung joon learns the truth about the train debacle, it's tissue time for the viewer.

The ending received mixed reviews at, and I think I know why, but it wasn't as bad as some led me to believe, that's for sure.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

きみはペット / Kimi wa Petto

You Are My Pet


2003 JDorama that was first manga about a ToDai grad with an awesome job as a journalist who is reaching 29 when her life takes this amazing and drastic turn.

She's seen as a tough bitch with balls, but the reality is she has inferiority issues and a somewhat unrealistic fear of being discovered as a fake.

Being shy, it's difficult for her to express her true feelings, though at the start of this 10 episode story, she hauled off and punched a superior in the nose after he suggested being able to stroke her fanny the same way he wants her to let their foreign clients get away with doing.

That move sends her packing for another department within the newspaper office, where she's met with more than just the scorn and jealous assumptions of her new co-workers.

The office betch who sucks helium and smiles all fake-like in order to snag a husband is on to Iwaya Sumire (Koyuki) right from the start, and when she finds out the tall, sexy woman with low self-esteem is the love interest of a man the entire building wants to see naked, she naturally sets out to steal said hot man from Sumire-san.

Tanabe Seiichi as Hasumi Shigehito is the hunky world reporter who has just returned from a stint in Rio de Janeiro and is overly glad to find his love in the same elevator as him.

He is Sumire-san's senpai, and she also had a huge crush on him while they attended Tokyo University - and right away, they begin their romance.


Before that occurred, Sumire-san was struggling to get over a nasty break-up with another man from another area of the office - who was too weak to let her know he wasn't happy with their relationship or her, so he had an affair with another woman, got her pregnant, and when Sumire walked in on them, that was when he decided it was time to let her know he was marrying someone else.

When she arrives at her weirdly named apartment (Mom Paradis) one, rainy night, feeling dejected and alone, she finds a big box marked 'Hawaiian Bananas' at the entrance of the building, and when she peers inside the box, she finds a beaten unconscious, young man inside.

Matsumoto Jun as Goda Takeshi is a runaway, gifted dancer from a well-to-do home, (his best buddy is Eita, btw) and after shoving the heavy box into an elevator and sliding it inside her apartment, she gently tends to his wounds while wondering who he is and why he was inside the box.

She isn't over her latest heartbreak, but she did own a golden retriever when she was ten - a time in her life that she would rather forget except for the dog - so, when Takeshi begs to stay, she offers to oblige if he will become her pet and act like a dog, not a human.

Of course, he agrees to the weird offer and becomes 'momo' the human dog.

Her best (and only) friend is a pretty and laid-back woman with a baby girl, living in a great house thanks to a pilot husband who is never there, and Sumire-san relies on her for advice about what she's just done to herself and the life of a veritable stranger.

The whole point of this story was to show how humans relate to one another versus their relationships with animals.

The writer even tossed in an office psychologist who carried around an adorable Chihuahua as a way to drive home that point I suppose, but his role remained relatively imperative throughout the show since Sumire-san, and then her handsome lover, and eventually even Takeshi-kun ended up seeking his advice about their relationship troubles.

Am I the only one who didn't know that men see women who own a pet as unavailable or worse - unattractive - because they are using the animal as a replacement for the husband they don't have?

Sumire-san couldn't, under any circumstances, behave natural around Hasumi-san, and it was supposed to be because of the immense fear of her being rejected that made her act that way.

At home, though, and with Momo-chan, things were completely different.

Sumire-san could laugh, speak her mind, let down her hair, and even shed a few tears without that fear - which made ZERO sense to me, but then I may be the bad guy for not possessing that sort of a personality, who knows.

At the same time, though, I could totally understand where she was coming from: since I, on occasion, have felt that way and even acted that way around guys I thought were ten times better than I was, but resentment at feeling that way was what made ME walk away, and not the other way around.

I can't fake it, I guess.

Anyway, she wants to believe she truly loves Senpai, but even when he springs a pretty engagement ring on her, she remains tight-lipped and with that furrowed brow in his gentle and patient presence.

Momo-chan remained true to his own nature in a round-about kind of way; pretending to be a dog while also not ignoring the budding emotions that continue to grow for the sexy woman he is shacking up with, but to keep their relationship going, he avoids letting her know how he really feels until the sexual tension builds to the boiling point, he lets it out on her, she slaps him and tells him to leave ... and so he does.

This was another of those dramas that I bookmarked YEARS ago but let the synopsis keep me from watching for so long.

I've learned my lesson and will NEVER do anything that stupid again, I promise myself.

Especially when it comes to anything out of Japan.

I must remember that the twits who write the synopsis are a-holes with no brain and not jump to any, irrelevant conclusions until I've given at least the first episode a try.

I wasn't, too fond of the OST or theme song, but there was one, underlying tune (usually played during pregnant pauses in the show) that I just HAD to hear again, and this time I got lucky - finding the entire soundtrack online for free, and as I type, I have that tune on repeat via WinAmp.

I'm not saying this was the greatest thing Matsumoto Jun ever starred in, but I will admit it wasn't the worst, either.

He looked damn fine in this show, too, and he had an amazing head of hair I jealously watched our Sumire-san get to run her fingers through and even shampoo several times.

Some day I'll have my own place again, and when that day comes, the FIRST thing I intend to do is buy a pet dog or cat - but, it won't be because I don't want a man in my life.