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Monday, April 26, 2010

Still, Marry Me / 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 / Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Shipeun Yeoja

2010 MBC winner that stars Park Jin Hee, Uhm Ji Won, Wang Bit Na, Kim Bum, Choi Chul Ho, and Lee Pil Mo to name a few.

Honestly, I'm really, REALLY glad to know that Pil mo has begun to make positive headway since Here Comes Ajumma - and I'm even more thrilled by the fact that Oppa Bum is beginning to have a positive affect on me.

Still, Marry Me is about a 34 going-on 35 female who works as a news reporter for a television station in Seoul.
While still in college, her heart was torn between a huge career move and marriage: she chose the career.
Later, (at the beginning of the drama, actually) we see her gushing over a handsome man who proposes marriage, and she accepts in the fashion of a blushing, Asian twenty-something.
Naturally, life then smacks her in the face in a most-interesting way, and for the next, fifteen episodes of this 16-episode drama, we watch while she and two of her closest friends go through a series of do's & don'ts in the convoluted world of romance.

Park Jin hie is Lee Sin yeong, the star and 35-yr-old news reporter.
Her best friend is Kim Bu gi (Wang Bit na), a cool chick with a terrific head on her shoulders and enough money to keep her self-sufficient enough not to need a man.
They both bump into Jeong Da jeong (Uhm Ji won), a professional translator working for the government who by outward appearances seems pulled together and refined when in reality, she's actually a very flaky female with low self-esteem who is hell-bent on marriage.

All, three ladies have been burned by love and tend to believe they have the answers to life's many and complex issues.
Bu gi, though, happens to be the only one of the three who actually knows what is going on, why it is happening, and what the other two need to do in order to be happy.

Okay, so here we go:

Sin yeong delves back into her work with full-force when she bumps into a young musician, Ha Min jae (Kim Bum).
She's trying to record a program outside the university and he's playing his guitar too loud, so she marches up to his recording studio and proceeds to cut the cord of his amp.
No, she didn't die because this is make-believe drama and not real life, so no sizzling electrocution fx, sorry!
Anyway, she marches back outside and records her program for the studio and that is that.

Later, her old flame returns (Lee Pil mo as Yun Sang-woo) to inform her of his impending marriage, and while she is ready to rip out his heart, he insists with a smile that she show up at the wedding hall on his big day.
Sang woo is a pilot who travels the world, and it was great that he was able to provide comic relief while also having to cast an aura of dramatic flair once in awhile.
He's awesome.

So, Sin yeong ends up with this facial malady from working too hard and has to go to the hospital for a cure.

Doc (Choi Cheol ho as Na Ban seok) just happens to be a close friend and roomy of Min jae (imagine that!).
Ban seok falls for Sin yeong right away, but she is oblivious at the start.
Then, she thinks about getting serious with him, but Sang woo keeps popping in and out of her life to make things difficult for her.

She also keeps bumping into Min jae at the studio, which doesn't help matters any.
Min jae is also crazy about Sin yeong, and he starts to go out of his way to make a positive but lasting impression on her hardening heart.

OMG ~ what he did for her at the studio one night was amAzing --- and I know my heart wasn't the only one to flutter unceasingly as I watched it unfold, either.

LOVE these boots!

Sin yeong doesn't want anything to do with Min jae because of their ten-year age difference.
Of course, he cares less about such a silly matter and continues to try and win over her reluctant heart.
She now has three, hot dudes on her aging ass, yet she can't forget about Sang woo and what happened between them to destroy her hopes for a happy future.
She tries to go out with Ban seok, but that never, really materializes.

Blessed relief comes when her goofy friend, Da jeong, meets Ban seok, and then it's love at first sight all over again for the flighty doc.

Just as Sin yeong begins to let go of her past and grow more interested in Min jae, poor Sang woo bumps into a most beautiful woman and his previous generalizations about age and love start to fade away.

Dude gets down to business right away - ;-)

(my kinda guy)

Choi Sang-mi (Park Ji yeong) is nearer to my age and quite a breathtaking beauty in this drama, too!

Its no wonder our heartbroken Sang woo fell so hopelessly in love upon first glimpse

She's the wife of a wealthy man who constantly has affairs, (I know - wtf?), but we learn later that she got pregnant at age 20 and had to get married, so naturally, the relationship was doomed from the start (right?).

That makes Sang mi 45, Sang woo 35, and Sin yeong 35, Min jae 25.

Ar ra so?


Sang mi gave birth to Min jae.

That means, if she continues to mess around with Sang woo, Sang woo would be Sin yeong's father-in-law if she continues to mess around with Min jae.

Is this cool, or what?

Here's how it comes to a dramatic climax in the show:

SO cute how Sang woo is doggedly determined to keep a relationship with Sang mi going and is damning the consequences by insisting on such a meeting.

Min jae is devastated at first, and now, instead of having Sang woo constantly tell him to butt out and leave old lady Sin yeong alone, Min jae is now butting in and warning Sang woo to stay the hell away from his omanee, Sang mi.

The only relationship that is making any headway thus far is that between Doc and the translator ---but, as soon as they say 'I Do', the party is suddenly over and Ban seok's disapproving family barge in to make their newlywed lives miserable until Da jeong ends up contemplating divorce.

Without having checked the data, I know this script had to be written by a woman and not a man.
The candle-lit hallway scene alone screamed FEMALE IMAGINATION!


the clincher for me came when Ban seok shyly suggested to Da jeong that she spend the night with him and at first she's like, "YES!", but then an horrific memory about her having decided to wear a slip with a hole in the side comes to mind and she ends up thinking of a way to back out without chasing the horny guy away.

At that point in the drama, I couldn't help but to imagine every one of the male actors who read that part in the script pausing to breathe, "Seriously?!"

Sheer brilliance, and something only a woman could have conceived to have occur in actuality or fiction.

I highly suggest this drama and have even linked the title to the website for your convenience.

Now, on to the images I captured while watching this wonderful show.

Ok - is the black thing clinging to the curtain a giant bug??

I'm sorry it's blurry - but as an amateur photographer, I would kill for the op to be there during the holidays!

I don't know why, but this wallpaper really appealed to me

and --- I want this lamp!

Now for my Kim Bum pics:

I think I've decided that his ability to portray the suave, dashing dude with a whole lot a cool is what sucked me in and made me become more interested.
He's still got a baby face to work on, but oh well.

no---I just thought he looked mighty fine here

Sang mi shows up unexpectedly at Sin yeong's place while Min jae is living there

Min jae's idea of a joke - though not the least, bit funny - yet, he manages to pull off the gray somehow




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