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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stand Up!!

This goes waaaaay back to 2003 and stars these dudes:

Ninomiya Kazuhari, Yamashita Tomohisa, Narimiya Hiroki, and Oguri Shun.

They're all seventeen, and before the start of their senior year, they fully intend to lose their virginity.

Along comes miss Oowada Chie (Anne Suzuki), a girl who once lived in the same neighborhood with the band of brothers but who moved away when she was still little.
Ninomiya's Asai Shouhei had a mad crush on little Chie, but now that she's returned as a teenager, he can't believe his eyes.
She's still the same girl, but not the ravishing beauty Asai had built her up to be in his mind, so he spends a majority of this funny drama trying to avoid her.
Of course, she ends up living with his family, so it becomes impossible for him to accomplish this, but eventually, she gets the message that he's not interested.

She didn't come there to hook up with Asai, though, and throughout this 11-episode laugh-fest, the guys are too busy concentrating on getting laid to even ask why she returned after so much time had passed since she moved away.

Yamapi (Iwasaki Kengo) plays the son of a bitter divorcee who runs a love hotel in the quaint hamlet somewhere around Tokyo, and even though the drama pits the adults against the youth in this story, with the constant theme being that youth are nasty creatures who need to be saved from themselves, the ironic twists and two-faced ambiguity abounds - which is why it's such a funny piece.

the boys inside Iwasaki's bedroom at the love hotel

Another ironic and hilarious aspect of the drama is that the boys are all attractive in their own right, and yet they depict bumbling idiots with low self-esteem, social issues that prevent them from being popular, and nerdy tendencies that follow them to adulthood.

Iwasaki has a girl, but she dumps him for another guy.

Udagawa Hayato (Narimiya Hiroki) has a panty fettish, and every time one of the tough girls in a tough-girl gang jumps up in a martial arts pose to kick his ass, he makes sure to look up so he can see what he wants to see.
After each ass whooping, he's on the ground in agony, but he will still manage to moan the color of her panties: blue, pink, white ...

Enami Kouji (Orguri Shun) is a jock who shouts a lot and gets easily worked up over practically nothing - making him appear to be a spaz.
He loves soccer, and he plays on a team, but he's not, that good at it.

Toward the end, they find out the real reason why Chie ran away from home, and the boys take care of her in a decent manner.

I really, truly enjoyed this drama, I thought it was hilarious start to finish, and I highly recommend this to anyone who needs cheering up.

Here are more images for your enjoyment

I want this!

the boys are getting advice from the 'love' doctor, but check out what's going on in the background

he's a hotty with a piggy earring

why does it NOT look like Narimiya here?

he always looked that way - but, he's curious about Chie

after Kengo gets dumped, he makes a play for Chie, but first he needs Shohei's permission

he finds her inside a phone booth, talking to someone from her hometown -

and then he tells her what he's thinking ---


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