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Monday, April 26, 2010

When I Fall in Love / 恋におちたら / Koi ni Ochitara /

2005 Fuji TV drama about a nice, young man (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Suzuki Shimao)and his sister (Kimura Yoshino as Suzuki Mariko), who are happy helping out their poor mother who struggles to keep her late husbands screw factory afloat.

Shimao (Island Boy becomes his nickname) wins a raffle at a local supermarket, landing him and his mother on the island of Hawaii for the vacation of their dreams.
He is the most adorable, young man in the world with an effervescent personality, a positive attitude, and a winning smile.

While on the island, he bumps into a beautiful girl and they both end up in the hotel pool.
She isn't a bitch who screams at him before marching off in a snooty huff, and while he apologizes endlessly, she smiles at him and assures him that she is fine.

When they return to Japan, they discover the factory in chaos.
Their accountant has embezzled the funds and now the repo man is there to tag everything.
Shimao's mother collapses in the street, ends up in hospital, and without the money, the kids can't afford to pay for their mother's heart surgery, so ---

Desperate, Shimao remembers what the beautiful girl's handsome, young boss said to him in Hawaii about going to him if he is ever in trouble.
Shimao goes to the office tower where the IT entrepreneur works and has to jump through a lot of hoops just to get an audience with the man.

Eventually, Shimao ends up getting a job with the firm, and from there the story takes off in a direction I never could have suspected.

This was a fascinating, interesting story, and it left me in tears, made me laugh, and shocked me.
Highly recommend this one!


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