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Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Vacation / ロングバケーション

1996 Fuji TV drama that starred Takenouchi Yutaka, Toyohara Kosuke, and Kimura Takuya.

Kimura plays Sena, an aspiring pianist recently graduated from college and lacking the passion necessary for him to win competitions and keep his love for the piano alive.

On her wedding day, 31-yr old model, Hayama Minami (Yamaguchi Tomoko), is left at the altar, so she runs through the streets in traditional wedding garb, busts in on Sena, and she demands to know where her fiance is hiding.

She gave the man all her money and is homeless as well since she told her landlord about her up-coming marriage.

Sena happens to be the one to introduce her fiance to another woman from his job, where he works teaching children how to play the piano.
He feels guilty, so he permits Minami to move in with him.

She's quirky, abrasive, and unbridled, but the longer that she remains with Sena, the more that she matures and learns how to temper her wild side, making her seem like more of a demure lady than a silly twit.

It's her silly side that attracts the viewer, though -

When she is with her girlfriend, the action flows seamlessly, the dialogue is genuine, and you feel for her in a realistic way.
In other words, there is nothing pretentious or boring about either girl, and that is refreshing from a non-Asian perspective.

Minami's younger brother, Hayama Shinji (Takenouchi), is as carefree and immature as his sister, and like Minami, one can't help but to be drawn into Shinji's silly character.
He went out of his way to make you want to punch him in the face, and at the same time want to embrace him and assure him that everything would be alright.

Sena has a one-sided love interest, Minami can't get over her awol fiance, and Shinji starts to mess around with Sena's girl despite the fact he is living with a woman.

Along comes our dashing photographer, Sugisaki Tetsuya (Toyohara Kosuke), who has had a mad crush on Minami for a couple years now - ever since he assisted a photographer at one of her modeling gigs.

Ekin Cheng vibe

Minami is still gorgeous and doesn't look a day over 21, yet her agency treats her and her friend like yesterday's left-overs.

Slowly, she develops feelings for Tetsuya, but at the same time, her interest in Sena has grown.
When Tetsuya finds out about her living arrangements, he's not happy and suggests that Minami find herself a new place to live.

In the end, it's Minami's girlfriend who sets things straight.

Because of Takenouchi, I chose to watch Long Vacation at, and I am truly glad for that decision.
It's an oldie but goodie with flawless subtitles and a pretty good soundtrack as well.

I recommend this drama to anyone looking for a few hours of interesting story and an escape from the everyday.

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