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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan

Jul-01, 2007 to Aug-19, 2007
7-episode mini-comedy/drama from Japan.

Kyoichiro (Tachi Hiroshi) and his teenage daughter Koume (Aragaki Yui) live in different worlds mentally.
He's getting older and wondering where all the time went, and she's growing up, wondering how soon she can be free of parental & school issues.

Grandma gets sick, so everyone rushes north, to an old-folks home, only to discover that she is doing just fine.
Daddy & daughter return home on a train, and after eating magic peaches, an earthquake puts them both in the hospital, where they wake up to discover that their bodies (mind, soul, & spirit) have been switched.

Yes, it's been done to death, but (surprise, surprise!) Japan did it best.

Tachi Hiroshi is a terrific actor!
He must have teenage daughters at home, or else he spent MONTHS researching their every move in order to do as fine a job as he did playing his daughter in this drama.
His facial expressions, body language, even the way that he reacted to situations - it was perfect.
He's a mild-mannered man with typical, fatherly concerns about his only daughter, and with job worries as well, yet he is unable to show those emotions, which frustrates him.

He reminds me somewhat of Kwon Hae-hyo.

His daughter is the typical, prune-face and self-absorbed teen running at full-speed, with a host of minor issues eating away at her soul.
After the switch, her biggest concern is that her father never, ever see her naked, or else she will DIE.
She makes him sleep in a bra, and he has to wear a blindfold in the tub.

The story centers around their two, biggest issues in life:
his job at a popular cosmetics firm has relegated him and a few, minor employees to a back room, where they are supposed to come up with a concept to sell perfume to a teen audience even knowing that it won't fly.
and, her budding romance with a senior soccer star named Osugi Kenta (Kato Shigeaki).

that guy from NewS

It's a nice, short drama with an interesting twist on an over-used story concept, so I gave it 3 out of 5 smilies.


  1. on the photo is Tegoshi Yuya, not Kato Shigeaki XD

  2. thanks you, watched this back in high school, couldn't remember the title. you rock. love this series, so funny.


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