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Friday, April 23, 2010

24 City / Er shi si cheng ji / Shisen No Uta

A 2008 documentary from China that stars no one in particular and tells the story of a city built around a factory that ended up being torn down shortly before the massive earthquake that destroyed Chengdu.
It was a post-communist factory that sent people from the country to Chengdu to work at the factory, which is how the city ended up growing and thriving since the early 1970's.
Everyone who knew anyone from the area knew someone who worked at the factory, so when it finally stopped production, the entire city as well as the factory ended up being destroyed.
Then came the earthquake: an after-thought as far as the movie is concerned, though.
It was part documentary and part film clip, which made it and the story all the more interesting (to me).
There were frequent, pregnant pauses where we stare at vacant faces on a bus going nowhere, or watching someone walk down a dusty street - but a majority of the time, we watch the huge factory (a few, story blocks big) being torn down along with snippets of interviews by the people who live(d) there.
If you're into history like I am, and if you're curious about learning more about that part of the world and how they live, think, and behave, then you might like this movie.



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