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Friday, August 26, 2011

드림하이 / Dream High


2011 Korean Drama about aspiring high school students that audition for and are then selected to attend Kirin Performing Arts.

The main characters in this interestingly REFRESHING K-doh were Suzy as Go Hye mi, Kim Soo hyun as Song Sam dong, Taecyeon as Jin gook / Hyun Shi hyuk, Ham Eun jung as Yoon Baek hee, Wooyoung as Jason, and IU as Kim Pil sook.

By interesting, I mean that for a 'high school' referenced theme that centered on all things 'twit', I still, thoroughly enjoyed watching Dream High (even when it got schmaltzy in places, maudlin in others, and twit-i-fied at times / hence the 4 out of 5).

Yea, I'm totally and completely UNASHAMED to admit that he's the real reason for my interest!

And, as an aside: I PREFERRED THIS LOOK to the other, two dapper, cleaned-up, stuffy boring he became.

??? and, Why'd I know early on that girlfriend was gonna ef with his hair ???

For the umpteenth time now ... get your hands off my boy, and stay the hell away from his HAIR, too!

AnywayZ ... this is the story of a snooty chick with dreams of singing opera and plans to attend Julliard when (ahem - stop me if you've heard this before) her OLD MAN gets into TROUBLE with FINANCES and has to BAIL, leaving her and the dreams in the dust.

She's got this kinda-sorta friend who sticks to her like gum on the bottom of a shoe, ditto's her every word, and copies her persona until the day of the audition to attend 'whoo-hoo' Kirin arrives, and then the fangs, claws, and horns appear (natch).

I wonder if the ajummas were totally bummed to see 'what's his name' disappear so early on in this 16-episode story? just curious, cause, even if I'm not one of his fans, and I still can't figure out what the big deal is (other than his slammin' bod) ... I actually hoped he'd re-appear somewhere down the road.

Okay, so then there's this totally HOT dude who acts all hard-ass and cool, but he's actually (dare I say it?) the illegitimate son of a prominent government guy (wow - such originality, I swear!)

Yes, I liked him AND his bod, face, and eyes (even if I did, keep getting a strange ... is that the dude from 3-Iron? feeling. It can't be, cause he's, like, WAY too tall) - but, as soon as the country bumpkin arrived, forget it - Ken Doll? Where? I don't see no Ken doll next to all this shiny brightness!!

At least he'd be able to play a roll alongside Oh Ji ho as his Dong saeng and make it believable, eh?


lol - now, ask me if I care?

Actually enjoyed all the dancing, - but, I'm confused.  How can Korean chicks walk around thinking they're all pure, delicate, and refined when they learn how to 'pole' dance by age 10?  I'm sorry, but, this does not compute in my mind no-way, no-how.

Do they even realize or know what it is they're emulating with some of those nasty moves, I wonder?  How many of you saw that one chick doing the 'humpty' a few times?  IT'S A SEX MOVE, for crying out loud!  We do things like that behind closed doors for our horny, significant other and NOT for a crowd of millions of other, clueless dorks, yea?

"I've never been kissed, dreamin' of my one, true love sittin' under the apple tree, wearing all white with a flower in my hair!" (danced to the pose on page 169 of the Kama Sutra).

At least that's how "I" see it anyway.

The person whom I think stole the show, too, was IU's Kim Pil sook and her is he or isn't he relationship with Woo young's Jason.

Realistic, heartwarming, affectionate, true, and believable start to finish - and that was ONE TIME where I could appreciate all the heartsy-flowery-sugary goodness, too.  I want a frickin' doll that resembles the dude I'm crazy about that I can carry everywhere so as not to be so alone!

And, I've actually been on the 'eat like a queen for breakfast, a commoner for lunch, and a hermit for dinner' diet for months now ... gotta admit that it works - only problem is, I'm never hungry til dinner time!

She should know better than to eat ppang, though.

This doesn't, actually need further explanation, does it?

The kids come together at this exclusive school to immerse themselves in the world of 'pop culture' so they can 'shine' on a stage, and for 16 episodes, they go through a host of Korean-esque troubles, torment, ridicule, and betrayal in order to succeed, too.

Pretty maiden is pursued by the two leads, the two leads are at odds over their shared feelings, she likes him first, and then him second, cat fights, back-stabbing, and power struggles galore ............... it's all there and then some, but, it still had enough magic to work (at least on me anyway).

My baby boy had me in tears tons, too - and I really, REALLY dig this guy!

I liked this story, and I'm pretty sure y'all will, too.