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Sunday, April 03, 2016

I Order You

당신을 주문합니다

Title -  Dangsineul Jumunhamnida / Your Order (lit.)
Aka -  I Order for You
Slogan -  두근두근 러브 레시피/ Exciting Love Recipe
Based -  Novel series, Fla-da
Genre -  Romance
Cinderella -  No
Episodes -  16
Network -  Naver TVCast (SNS), SBS Plus
Aired -  2015, Jul 15 to 30


Jung Yun ho as Yeo Gook dae, Kim Ga eun as Park Song ah, Jang Seung jo as Kevin, Goo Jae yi as Ah Da hwa, Baek Jong won as Han Bi ryong, Cho Yoon woo as Nam Soo ri, Yoon Hong bin as Park Song joo


Yeo Gook dae (Jung Yun ho) is a talented chef who had a bad experience in a relationship in the past. He is heartbroken since his bride had left him on their wedding day. Then, he meets Park Song ah (Kim Ga eun) and they fall in love. Eventually, they deal with secrets of the past. ~ Wikipedia (w/edits)


This was pretty awful start to finish.

Great story line, unique plot, and interesting aside characters could have made this a terrific watch, too.

It was the mediocre acting and the two leads not forming any semblance of chemistry that ruined it for me.

I'll give Yunho props for trying, but I can't believe Kim Ga eun has been at it since 2009.

It offered mature content, with the two leads even hopping in bed pretty early on, but it didn't help matters any because she just wasn't there and he kept trying too hard.

Her character behaved like an immature seventeen-year old throughout, and I had to wonder why he would go through any amount of grief on her behalf because she wasn't worth the effort.

All new faces here (for me, anyway) and some of the aside characters show promise.

The subs were okay, but Viki worked on them, so there were bound to be quite a few laughable translation errors.

I'm never going to get used to that sad fact of Asian drama viewing life.

The soundtrack wasn't too bad, but they played the same few songs again and again, becoming irritating after awhile.

Inconsistencies included POV that gave some of these characters the power to know what occurred or was said when they weren't there to see or hear it.

FLada has zero to do with Ah Da hwa (unless it's okay to use a last name and PART of a first?)

The mistletoe scene threw me because I thought it was Christmas time, and the city was lit up like it was Christmas time, but then the next day it is summer.


The title makes no sense and has nothing to do with the story (until the very last frame).

She gave him a bracelet, which she then broke when she threw another of her childish tantrums

and then in the next scene, we get this

Yeo Gook dae was left at the altar by Ah Da hwa, which means they never got married, but three years later, he tells Park Song ah he's sorry he kissed her because he's married.

Must be a Korean thing (or crappy translating?)

The inexplicable pedestrian/car conundrum occurred here, too

No matter how many times I'm shown this particular scene, I still don't believe that anyone in their right mind is stupid enough to stand like a deer in headlights and just let the oncoming vehicle mow them down.

Or that the oncoming vehicle can't apply the brakes more than 500 yards ahead of the pedestrian.

That's not how it works.

That's not how any of this works!

This 16 episodes of 25 minutes worth each didn't work, either.

Boring, repetitious, and confusing.

cool light fixture, though