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Monday, February 10, 2014

Kim Nam jin Come-back?

Kim, Nam jin "strong force"

Okay, so years ago I 'liked' Kim Nam jin on Facebook, and this morning while browsing through the new 'pages' there, I eventually came across this post :
김남진 (Kim Nam Jin, キム・ナムジン)[관능의법칙 시사회]
김남진 '우월한 모델 포스'[포토]
[엑스포츠뉴스 = 김성진 기자] 4일 오후 서울 광진구 자양동 롯데시네마 건대입구점에서 열린 영화 '관능의 법칙' VIP시사회에 김남진이 포즈를 취하고 있다.
Below is the translated (of course) from Hangul version at their Daum.Media website, of which I'm not a member and didn't feel the need to 'create' or 'join', but that isn't the point.

The point is, I'm unable to find anything in real English about him or the movie/drama and haven't been able to for quite some time now. Is this just a picture of him appearing at the Premiere? He's not actually IN the movie but just invited to watch?

Regardless of his age, his status over where he lives, whatever, I adore this man and always have. As some of you may know, my intro to K-Do and very first drama watched was A Thousand Years of Love starring him and another of my favorites, So Ji sup.

Since then I have grown to love, adore, admire, loathe, detest, and come to realistic terms with a host of leading men and women, dramas, movies, and their writers.

Still, nothing can ever compare with that eye-opening moment in life, can it? Which is why I keep a light shining brightly for my Oppa, Nam jin.

I discovered awhile back that he became this sports ambassador of sorts and ended up walking away from (or being dissed by) the model/actor limelight. Again, I have no idea what the truth is because it was impossible to find or understand anything about the guy online.

Yes, I've seen his video

JAURIM(자우림) - 스물다섯, 스물하나

and I even read that he's married - though like everything else about the guy - the facts are sketchy and vague - nonexistent practically. When? To whom? Pictures?

Below I've posted what I could obtain from the Facebook nod, and it would appear my long-awaited wish might finally be coming true? Sir Nam jin will be acting in a movie? With another of my favorites, Miss Jung hwa?

I sure hope it's true, and I hope even more that the REAL title evolves as quickly as my anticipations, and that someone - somewhere will bother to sub the entire thing for me and let me watch it somewhere down the line.

Please don't let this be just another 'Hey, I showed up for another Premiere but I'm not starring in the movie!' publicity shot. Sigh - this might end up being my Where's Waldo chapter in life. What ever happened to this guy, and why isn't he doing anything anymore? Page after page I turn searching and searching for answers that never appear before my eyes.

Excerpt from: Daum

Uhm Jung Hwa, Moon Sori, jominsu 40 actresses, including the representative of the Republic of Korea and the colorful cast of 'Singles',' Some Like It Hot 'and delicately pierce the psychology of women's new director of gwonchilin anticipated film "Law of sensuality' is coming is scheduled to open on the 13th.
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  1. i am sad to see you are not blogging anymore..i hope you are doing well. I also wonder what happened to him.

  2. Thank you, Reyna! I am still blogging, actually, just not on this site or about dramas. I WILL, however, be starting a vlog in the comings weeks that is all-drama :D When everything is ready, I'll be posting the link here.

  3. I will be waiting for that link
    take care & stay healthy!


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