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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taiyou No Uta / タイヨウのうた

A Song to the Sun

2006 Japanese movie that stars Yamada Takayuki as Fujishiro Koji and Sawajiri Erika as Amane Kaoru - fated, teen lovers who experience a summer fling with sadness as the only reward.

I'm not prone to choose flicks with such a predictable outcome as this, but I thought I'd give them one, more chance to impress me.

It didn't work - again.

They target pre-teen and early teen chicks who like to cry for whatever reason, which means you're in for a lot of saccharin-enriched silliness beyond reality imho, and that annoys BIG time.

Kaoru has this ultra-rare Japanese-designed disease that makes her allergic to the sun, so she can't attend school, live a so-called normal life, and can only go out after dark, which despite her being only sixteen still makes it acceptable for her to roam the streets after midnight playing her guitar.

Koji is the typical, hot high school boy living a so-called normal life in the seaside town where he wakes up every morning at 4 a.m. to reach the shore with two of his buddies so they can surf before school starts.

Kaoru watches him from her bedroom window, and though it seemed a bit, too far away for her to actually see much of anything, she still manages to become intrigued by him, and eventually they meet, fall in love, and for awhile, they have a 'safe' (innocent) fling.

I won't give away the predictable and anticipated-from-the-start ending, but I will tell you that someone dies.


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