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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HOTMAN 2 / ホットマン2

2004 sequel to Hotman with about the same cast except the oldest sister is different, and because Enzo has to leave Yokohama for the sake of his dermatitis inflicted child, the leading lady is also someone new.

One, annoying fact about Asian sequels is that they sometimes fail to follow through with the original plot - and in this case - the end of Part 1 had Enzo proposing to the girl of his dreams but suddenly in 2, she's not there and there is no explanation for Enzos not being married or at least still involved with the girl.

Baffling to say the least and entirely too frustrating for someone as Monk-ish as me, too.


At least not ever at any rate.

It was the only aspect of this drama that bugged me, though.

Not true ... the only, other thing to annoy me was that Enzo wore the same outfit almost daily.

I know - continuity and the fact that there is a major LACK thereof in Asian drama.

So, in Part 2, Everyone in the Furiya household is older now, including seven-year-old Nanami and her ageless hunk father, Enzo.

(it's hard for me to remember that in Japan, it is the mother's maiden name that is taken and not the father's - yet, Nanami ends up with her father's last name, so go figure)

They end up living at a gorgeous, seaside locale known as Okinawa for the sake of Nanami's condition, which clears up shortly after they arrive in paradise.

Enzo is teaching gym this time, and Nanami has made a new boy friend which again prompts Enzo to behave jealous and silly.

The oldest sister opened a health food store, which she used money against their mother's home to buy, and the twins are graduated from high school with the good boy in college and the bad boy loafing about while quitting one job after the other.

The youngest sister is a nurse secretly involved with the doctor son of the hospital director.

The oldest sister fails at the business, thus prompting the bank to put the house up for sale and causing Enzo to have to return to the city in order to help his siblings again.

For a majority of the drama, it is their intention to gain back the house they lost, but in the end, it is Enzo who finally realizes what is most important and best for the family.

At this point in the series, I began to seriously wonder why HOTman (and one word, no less), which prompted me to conclude the fact that Sorimachi is, indeed, one, HAWT man even if most people wouldn't agree, but that is their problem.

Turns out, however, that it is a reference to his passion for family - but still ... it's NOT one word! and I'd hardly use it to describe his passion, either, since he never gets to have any fun in bed.

Oh ~ you've got to read this one line from the DramaWiki synopsis for the sequel...

"They aren't rich, but are somehow heroic and full of energy."

ahno ... 'somehow' ???

I know, silly me, thinking outside the box and not knowing how vitally collosal it is to be RICH over there.


Anyway ... I liked 2 as much as I enjoyed 1, and I hope you will, too.


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