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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

예의없는 것들 / Ye-eui-eobs-neun Geot-deul

No Mercy For The Rude

2006 Korean movie that stars two, sexy guys as thugs making a living as hired hit men for a low-life mob boss.

Shin Ha gyun is 'Killa' a mute-by-choice and former chef who resorts to assassin work in order to make enough money for an operation that will cure him of a speech impediment and end his lisp.

He grew up in an orphanage, where he met and fell in love with a young girl named - well, 'her' (Yoon Ji hye) - who is adopted by a 'single' male creep who likes to do it with little girls.

Naturally, she ends up being a little crazy and as an adult works to entertain men.

They run into one another again, and she proceeds to barge in on Killa at will, but then he discovers a homeless boy asleep in an alley, so throughout the rest of the movie, he ends up having to deal with both girl and boy.

Killa only eats seafood, and his favorite pass-time is watching bullfights.

His buddy is 'Ballet' (Kim Min jun), another hot guy down on his luck after ruining his knee, thus making it difficult for him to proceed with his dream of becoming a dancer with the ballet, so he contracts for cash.

He's unbelievably, amazingly, superbly FINE.

Kim Min jun

Anyway, Killa's creed is that there is no mercy for the rude or obnoxious in society, and therefore what he does is totally acceptable.

His last assignment messes things up for him, though, and then a private and daylight decision sends him spiraling, making him rather doubtful about his 'motto'.

It's sexy, odd, and humorous while ending in predictable but unwanted gangland violence.

I enjoyed this, and I think you will, too.



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