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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Naked Kitchen / 키친

2009 Korean movie that stars Ju Ji hoon.

Boy and girl grow up together in a small community, become adults, graduate and get married.

She is cute and very supportive of her husband, who decides to quit his lucrative job in order to open a restaurant.

She goes to a gallery to buy him a gift when she bumps into hotty Ji hoon's character, and they end up behind a display wall to get it on.

Being cute, she tells her husband what happened and he forgives her, so they both decide to let the matter go when his best friend arrives to help out with the restaurant, and it's the same guy she screwed at the gallery.

The synopsis made this sound like a romantic comedy with a lot of delicious food thrown in for affect -

I don't remember much comedy, OR any tasty food, but the romance factor rated kind of high.

It was quirky in a kawaii sort of way.


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