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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shadows in the Palace / 궁녀

2007 Korean movie (horror is the bill) that starred Kim Nam jin as the main nemesis, yet he didn't get any billing at - go figure.

I'm not into horror, scary, occult, voodoo, what-have-you that gives me the creeps and keeps me up at night.

KIM NAM JIN, though!

I had to watch it despite the fear and reservations in my weak heart.

It turned out not to be as horrifying as I anticipated, and everyone at had a hard time understanding the ending, when the wrist or palm was slit - no one seemed to know what it was meant to symbolize.

It's an old-time piece about a nurse who gets killed, or is hanged, or she hangs herself after something bad happened to her, and her ghost continues to haunt the palace - and if I'm not mistaken, she possesses a concubine when this movie begins.

It was noir in the sense that a lot of the scenes took place after dark, leaving the viewer to squint at the screen a majority of the time so as not to miss anything.

Kim's character was a bad-boy palace guard (or something), and he was the one messing with all the pretty ladies, making them sad or angry when he'd love & leave them.

BOY did he die a miserable, if not gruesome death.

Wait - is that a spoiler?

I don't think so - you have to watch this one to judge for yourself.

I just tuned in to stare at Kim for a few hours. ^.^


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