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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hero (the series)

2001 JDorama that stars Kimura Takuya as Kuryu Kohei, an off-beat defense attorney working for the city (prefecture).

I watched the 'special' before I found this (the original, eleven episode series) at, so at first I was a little confused.

Also, the DVD cover above has the number 5 after the title, and that confuses me as well, but it was the biggest picture I could find, so ...

One thing I noticed in the disparity department was that in the special, Abe Hiroshi's character kept telling everyone that his daughter hated him, but in the original series, he kept talking about his only child as being his 'son' ...

Anyway, in both the series and the special, they made it a point to show all of the attorney's gathering inside the elevator, and this time I was able to get a somewhat decent shot for your enjoyment

He's so tall.

In this series, Takuya's Kohei takes care of one, baffling case after another, and while no one in the office seems to like or even notice him at first, he always ends up saving the day - or in this case, an innocent person's life so that by the end everyone wants to help him out.

I especially liked that he was addicted to the Home Shopping Network and always ordered everything related to exercise equipment.

At the beginning, he made a few references to an experience he had in school when some body builders came for a demonstration or a contest or something, so it made me wonder if that wasn't why he kept ordering and trying out the equipment.

What was hilarious about it, though, was that the 'hosts' of the home shopping channel were European (and ugly) while they talked in Japanese using dub.

Whatever ~ I really liked the series and the special, and I think you will too if you give it a chance.



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