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Monday, June 07, 2010

When Romance Meets Destiny / 언제 로맨스 운명을 만나다

2006 Korean movie about two brothers who have issues with love, romance, and 'words'.

The eldest brother meets a girl he falls instantly in love with and proceeds to drool every time she is around - but, that's all he can do - stare.
Meanwhile, a hot boy who works with him at the photography studio also thinks she's something special and moves in almost immediately to try and win her heart.
She likes the eldest brother, but she's waiting for him to make the first move - an unlikely occurrence since he's totally clueless and has no guts.

His little brother is involved with a really beautiful girl even when he's nothing to brag about, and they have a lot of sex, but there is nothing in the way of a substantial or lasting relationship, so it inevitably ends in a break-up that takes him completely by surprise and causes him to step back a bit.

He's an irresponsible drunk whose only concern is whether or not she 'liked' it, and after she dumps him, he starts to clean up his act while thinking about all the stupid sh*t he put her through.

He also realizes a stupid mistake he made with his older brother and the girl, but it may be too late for that relationship to ever take off.
She ends up on the altar with his co-worker, and its the younger brother who is the MC, and the eldest brother interrupts the ceremony by walking right up to the bride & groom.
It's anticipated that he take her by the hand and drag her away from the wedding hall, and its obvious that's what she'd like him to do, but like always, he gets cold feet, grabs a mic, and starts to sing a love song about unrequited love instead.

The ending comes as a bit of surprise though, and this movie was worth the watch, so give it a chance if you have a few hours to kill.


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