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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Bittersweet Life

2005 Korean movie about a gangsta who rose high enough in the ranks to have a nightclub handed to him by the 'boss'

Lee Byung hun is a terrific bad-ass in every sense of the term, too.

In the opening scene, he's asked to help with some unruly customers, and what he does to make them 'obey' is a great watch.

The gist of the story revolves around the fact that his aging 'boss' has asked him to spy on his twenty-something girlfriend, whom he suspects of having an affair.

Oppa Lee's character is instructed to murder both culprits if he even suspects they are fooling around, but when Sun woo discovers the truth, he makes a deal with the girl instead.

Naturally, the gang boss finds out what he's done and from there, we have to watch our cool, handsome Sang woo suffer quite a bit.

unexpected bad-ass #2

The ending is gangland violence predictable - but still something you don't want to miss, and it ranks high in the 'totally cool, bad-ass' category for this genre of movie, too.

Here is the trailer in case you're interested:



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