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Monday, June 28, 2010

6 Years in Love / 6년째 연애중

2008 Korean movie that stars Kim Ha neul as Da Jin, and Yoon Kye sang as Jae Young, a couple in their sixth year of a relationship when their familiarity leads to complacency that hypothetically leads to contempt for one another.

They're not engaged, but they do move into next-door apartments.

They have good jobs with moderate incomes, so money isn't an issue.

She, naturally, grows fed up with the routine he seems comfortable with, and he undoubtedly grows annoyed with her nagging him about the things that are starting to bug her.

He has no problems at work, is healthy, and has a good appetite for sex.

She discovers a lump on her breast which makes it a little difficult for her to enjoy the type of sex he's been doling out all them years.

Its unlikely to even assume that not, too many people in this world haven't been there and done that - but the writer did a magnificent job of explaining the hows, the whys, and the what-nots in such a way that it made it difficult for the viewer to take sides.

A man would no-doubt side with him - and maybe even a few ladies - while a majority of the women in the world would understand exactly what she was going through and why she behaved as she did.

Anyway - along come the two tempters to make things even more difficult for our confused duo.

Sin Seung rok was what made me choose to watch this movie, and he's an artist she keeps begging to illustrate a book she wants to write.

Cha Hyun jun (a former Miss Korea in real life, though I failed to see a reason why), who works part-time at the Home Shopping Network trying to save up money so she can walk all over Spain (odd goal, but whatever).

As expected, he is unfaithful first while she avoids the advances of our hot illustrator.

Being a female, it stands to reason she'd be more philosophical and mature, yes?

whatever ~

She tells the hotty she needs to find herself and not get involved with anyone until that occurs.

He has sex immediately, but then he starts to wonder if the decision was a good one or not.

I didn't NOT like this movie - and I already mentioned the quality of the writing, but maybe because it hit too close to home in a way that made me realize just how stupid I was, and how 'not mature' as opposed to her character, which caused a moment of shame, I don't know.

If you're totally secure with yourself, the decisions you've made, and even your relationships, then you'll probably get more out of this movie in your typically positive way.

If you're like me and have a lot of reservations, self-doubt, and regrets ... well, then maybe this is something you'll want to save for a day when you're UP and not down.



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