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Monday, June 14, 2010

백만장자와 결혼하기 / baek-man-jang-ja-wa gyeol-hon-ha-gi

2005 end-of-year SBS drama that stars Kim Hyun Joo as Han Eun Young, a poor girl working as a bank clerk.

She's a stepdaughter working to keep her stepmother & stepsister (both shiftless nothings) from sending them all to the poor house.

Go Soo is Kim Young Hoon, a poor guy (middle son) who isn't intelligent but extremely good-looking, and he works extra hard to help HIS shiftless family from ending up in the poor house.

Yoon Sang Hyun portrays Yoo Jin Ha, a wealthy 'PD' asked to take over a Korean version of "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?"

Eun young has a secret crush on Jin ha, who frequents her bank to make deposits, but her first love was Young hoon - that is, until the day in school when he was last in his class as far as grades go, and then suddenly he was a nothing loser to her.

She wrote him a mushy love-letter BEFORE she found out the earth-shattering truth about the cute, new boy in school, and then she had to move away.

Young hoon kept that letter in his wallet, and years later, they meet again when Jin ha decides it'll be Young hoon who succeeds at fooling a bunch of millionaire-wonna-b's into thinking he's the man of their luxurious dreams.

And, believe it or not, Eun young ends up being one of those girls!

He knows the truth and so does she, but for handsome PD's sake, we keep everything hush-hush til the bitter end, when Young hoon has to decide between Eun young and another hopeful.

Eun young isn't rich, but she's still a snob who tells our adorable Young hoon right to his gorgeous face that she hates him because he's stupid, a loser, and will never amount to anything.

I guess Young hoon is too stupid to even know his own heart, because despite her bitchy ways, he still pursues her.

Maybe this could have been a 'good' drama, or even a worthwhile story - but like most people who commented at - it dragged and made little sense.

The only draw was Go soo,

and then suddenly Yoon Sang hyun (after he shaved off the moustache) - but it was Kim Hyun joo who annoyed and irritated a majority of the time.

She's pretty and has talent, but the part she played made me think stupid things like the idea that being poor is horrible, and that if you want to get ahead in life or escape an unbearable existence, then being heartless is the only way to succeed.

I stuck this one out because of Go soo, who broke my heart beginning to end and made me wish there was some way to reach him physically so I could hold him tight and let him know he's better than anyone else (including the rich & powerful) in the whole world.

His optimism and adorable face made me root for him and want to see him get what was owed him.

By the end of this show, I even wanted to give the whole drama another shot - since it suddenly got better and made me a lot more interested.

What happened at the beginning was good, though annoying, so perhaps all the 'fake reality-show within a drama' stuff is what wasn't interesting to me (or anyone else) that ruined it for me.

PD ends up falling for Eun young, and a rich actress ends up falling for Young hoon, and while Young hoon's career sky-rockets after the show, and he becomes a highly sought-after actor, Eun young's life continues to spiral downward into the abyss that is her poor existence.

Her feelings for Young hoon continue to blossom until she wants him - but since she's an Asian woman, expressing those true feelings is impossible, so she continues to lie and make Young hoon think she isn't interested.

Then a scandal erupts and all hell breaks loose - thus ending Young hoon's lucrative but brief career and he ends up running away.

PD keeps after Eun young in the hopes she will reciprocate, and the female actress supposedly in love with Young hoon ends up being the one to shove the dagger in his back 'in an effort to force him to her side' - ah yes, the Asian way of thinking that force=submission=love.

The 'message' here was that the more you do for people, the more you're going to suffer until finally, blessed relief in the form of miraculous pay-back that helps the giver to become rich.

Yes, I teared up watching this drama, and yes, I liked the ending - but, I'm still at a loss about the middle and why it ruined the whole thing for me.

If you tried and gave up on Marry a Millionaire, I suggest you go back and try again - maybe the second time around, it won't seem as offensive or boring.

At least the last, few episodes were worth that confusing annoyance!

It took until the end of episode 13 of this 16-episode drama for this to occur ---

here are some hilarious subtitles:


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