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Monday, June 07, 2010

Driving Miss Wealthy

Not that this 2004 Cantonese (Hong Kong) movie was bad or anything - and the stars are Gigi Leung and Lau Ching-wan, but it wasn't a 'great' movie.

It's the story about a spoiled rich girl who lets people take advantage of her so she will feel loved and wanted.

Her father wants her to stop spending all his money and get a grip on reality, so he hires a guy to drive her everywhere, and then he fakes his own death (I know, creepy) in order to force his daughter to take responsibility for her own life.

Lau's character is happy to play along and especially likes the big money he's making, and Leung's character refuses to budge at first until gradually coming to terms with her reality and then making the most of it.

The two leads end up with romantic inclinations toward one another, and then there is the sad climax followed by the fairytale ending.

Trust me, it's a movie you have to see to be able to fully appreciate or gain anything from, but it isn't the best thing to come along - which is not, really such a big deal this time.


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