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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something to Look Forward to

Nabbeun Namja / 나쁜남자


the cast

KIM nam gil

The press release I read said that he is the best actor in 'Asia' (according to the guy producing this drama anyway).

Perhaps generalizing or assumption is taken for granted over there, I don't know - but 'Asia' is a bit of a stretch imho.

Maybe it'd have been better if the guy had said ' Korea' and then added '...right now.'

And, maybe it's just me being prejudiced since the co-star and Nam gil's nemesis in this new drama is none other than KIM JAE WOOK.

WHO is the best actor in all of Asia??

I beg to differ with Ajusshi PD Lee Hyeong Min, and while I'm certain Nam gil makes the ideal bad-ass, his counterpart in the drama (and if I'm not mistaken, Jae wook is the man Nam gil WOULD HAVE been had he not died?) has as much charisma, draw, and visual stimulus to hook the viewer; maybe even more.

The strange statement aside - Bad Guy looks like another winner to me, and since it'll be MONTHS before this one is illegibly subtitled and submitted to, all I can do is wait.

The synopsis I read made it sound like Nam gil's character was once the heir to a big, Korean chaebol when he dies - and then he comes back to earth, where he meets the modern-day Nam gil character (??) and the two seemingly opposites war with one another for the duration.

It was also pointed out that this is a unique, Korean drama in that the director uses a lot of visuals and cinematography to make it look more like a music video vignette than a steady storyline drama.

I'm wincing at that - but, it's still a wait & see for me.

So, the old Nam gil character returns to earth and proceeds to drive all the women (from little girls to old ladies) mad with desire.

Begs the question - is Jae wook's character meant to repulse them if they are supposed to be mirror opposites?


Whatever - I've waited far, too long to see Jae wook star in anything - so I can't wait for this one, and I hope it turns out to be tons better than the synopsis made it sound.

Here's the trailer


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