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Friday, December 19, 2008

GTO: The Movie

Release Date: 1999
Stars: Takashi Sorimachi as Onizuka Sensei

Ah ... to have had a Sensei that looked even REMOTELY as hot as this!

There is another GTO Movie out there, released in 2007, that I have not seen yet.
I don't know why, but Japan seems to have some sort of game going, where depending on your agent, an actors work is either up for grabs the world over, or locked in some secret vault that even the president of Fujisankai doesn't know exists.

Take Hideaki Ito for example. I don't know why, or what the big deal is, but unless you're lucky (or savvy ~ as the case may be) enough to live in Japan, it's virtually impossible to find his modeling images online, let alone any of the DVD's that he's made over the years (like, an entire DECADES' worth)!
Just to look at his pictures on his official website, costs $$$ !!!
Check this out!!






Joined to the official site only Hideaki Ito will not get a lot of information can get out!

Members Join page here!

"" There is a fee for registered members. Your rate: 525 per month (tax included), all of the content available.
For more details, please visit here.

That's $5.88 a month US, but STILL ...

So, while watching the original GTO was not a problem, and the Anime series is up for grabs wherever you look ... I suppose the second GTO Movie will remain elusive (to me) for the time being.

I haven't read the Manga,

and I can't STAND Anime,

but the movie GTO was good.
Better than expected.
I just wish I had remembered to screen-capture the lovely and docile Patricia while I was watching, because she was absolutely adorable!
Ok ... I opened the file again, just to get her image for this blog.

Onizuka Sensei is a nomadic educator with a shady past, and his specialty is helping certain students that seem on the verge of mental, social, or personal suicide, as the case may be.
Perhaps reading the Manga would make this type of premise a lot more interesting (to me), but I watch dramas & movies from Asia for the eye candy, NOT the content.

GTO is Japanese though, which means I got a double-dose of fun!
Eye candy AND a good time story-wise!

Today was supposed to be the last day of school before Christmas break, but everyone knew that a snow storm was approaching, (including moi), so I stayed up really late last night to watch GTO. I nearly fell asleep in the middle, but NOT because the movie was a bore (I was just, really tired).

The annoying, little girl bugged the daylights out of me, and I became frustrated when they kept trying to drive home the point that no one liked her, when ... DUH! She acts like a total twerp, so what the heck ELSE should she expect from those around her??
THEN, the Japanese twist ...
The metaphorical hot air balloons came into play, and the flashback to her childhood almost made me cry.


I love to read Manga, and after watching this movie, I'm probably going to spend another, couple hundred bucks reading GTO, but that's ok by me!

I leave you with a few, more images of our luscious sensei Onizuka, Takashi Sorimachi, WHOM btw is reported to be UNattractive by some women, if you can believe that!
I think he's GORGEOUS ... what about you?


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