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Thursday, July 31, 2008

내 이름은 김삼순 / My Lovely Sam-soon

My Name is Kim Sam-soon (Nae Il-eum-eun Kim Sam-soon)

This was one of the dramas that I recorded every night, and then rushed home from work the next day to watch. I had already begun to collect images of Hyun Bin before I saw Sam-soon, and I had NO IDEA that it was the same guy, honest.

I was in love with THIS dude ...

THIS is rock/porn star material, and I really, REALLY liked what I was seeing! As I sat through each episode of Sam-soon though, my opinion of Mr. Hyun began to change. The more of his images that I began to collect, the more that opinion changed again, until finally I came to the sad conclusion that he is not my ideal guy anymore.

THIS is hot ...

THIS is not

I loved My Lovely Sam-soon! I thought that it was well written and superbly executed. It even actually ended the way that I expected it to, and not with a wimper or a HUH?

For a welcome change, it was HE that annoyed me a majority of the time, and not SHE. Sam-soon was cool, realistic, and charming in a mopey sort of way. The anorexic girl has a pretty face, but that was it for me. I'm sure she's just as anorexic in real-life, and that is just gross.

Daniel Henney surprised me in the looks department, but as an actor, he leaves much to be desired. I need to see something else that he's starred in to form a different opinion. If I'm not mistaken, that was his first role, yes? Maybe he's taken acting classes since then. It'd be great if he stuck to modeling, because that way I could collect more of his images!

It's also good to know that he and Hyun are friends off-screen. They make a dynamic duo, and I hope that they will appear together in more dramas. Their cell phone commercials were hilarious, btw.

The stuffed, pink pig was totally cool.


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