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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here Comes Ajumma

As an amateur writer, I know the difficulties faced when trying to include too many characters into the same plot. Ajumma was bouncing all OVER the place, and frankly, I lost interest. AND because I knew that the story was REALLY about a housewife that gave up her life for her family, only to be kicked in the ass for her efforts. Na-Onim's story was eerily parallel to mine, and after six years of trying to recover from my own divorce, I didn't think that it would be wise to watch my past play out on-screen. Later on, though, I figured that I was not giving the show a chance.

162 episodes is a lot to ask of even the most LOYAL of Hallyu fans, don't you think? I came in at episode 12, gave up that day, and returned at episode 36, which equals 9, and that's a lucky number.

No one yelled when I watched it the second time either, but Na-Onim still had tears in her eyes a majority of the time.

The first time I watched, she was trying to help the rich, spineless boy (Woo-Chan) lie to his overbearing father. The second time, she was trying to help him and his GORGEOUS buddy become friends again. It became obvious early on that the writer wanted everyone to feel sorry for her because she married an asshole who treated her like crap and then dumped her for another woman (my past).

By the time that the bitchy show host began to crack up under the overwhelming pressure of her evil ways, I became extremely interested in the final outcome of Ajumma.

Lee Pil-mo, who portrayed the spoiled, oppressed executive WooChan, is NOT a bad-looking guy. Nice eyes and hair, but he's got that Ken doll image that turns me off.

His friend though, Jeun Suk something? (Yi Byeong Uk). THAT guy was FAB to look at through episode 162!

And excuse me, but did JeunSuk (Yi Byeong Uk) tell the director that he had a son at home that'd be ideal for the part? That was HIS kid, and no one can tell me otherwise. They looked like Dr. Evil & Mini Me!

The mother's-in-law CARRIED that show, too! What a terrific pair on-screen! Ajumma's mom is probably the person that I turned out to be, but her mother-in-law is the person I once was, and still find myself acting like on occasion. And, I could NOT believe it when they killed off the show host bitch, only to bring in another, heartless piece of work that had the same idea to bring Onim down. My head was SPINNING for awhile.

Did I feel sorry for Onim's ex husband toward the end? I'll be honest. The first time that he appeared on-screen, I was taken aback. What? An ugly Korean actor? Impossible! Aren't ALL Korean male actors like, dreamy, walking billboards for sex? But honestly, he grew on me with time, and I started to feel attracted to him in a Sam Lee sort of way. And yes, I cried like a baby when his daughter found that video camera, and they watched him on television.

Everything that happened to Na-Onim BEFORE her divorce happened to me, but that's where the similarities end. He walked out on me, I had a miscarriage, lost a job, the house, and my last, shred of dignity. I never had any hot, rich dudes after my sorry ass ... and it's not likely that I ever will. I haven't got her talent, her drive, or her determination to succeed in life, and I'll never appear on television, get a book published, or make enough money to live the comfortable life, either. It's TV, it's fictitious, and it's unrealistic, which gives me hope, I think. Hope that my dead-end, loveless, lonely, boring, and poor lifestyle will be enough to survive? I don't know, but I did know that watching Ajumma would make me think ... and that's something I try very hard NOT to do anymore.


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