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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Really, Really Like You/Love Truly

진짜진짜좋아해 / Jinjja Jinjja Joahaoe

My introduction to Lee Min-ki. He's a goof-ball and a jackass, but I love him. Guys that can make me laugh get a free ticket to sex, and that's all I have to say about a terrific sense of humor.

Eugene made me nauseous. Another do-gooder with a little-girl attitude that I'm tired of and OVER with. PLEASE grow up, Korean women!!! Ryu Jin was too Ken doll for my taste, but his character grew on me until I began to like him for his sheer tenacity. Lee Min Ki is awesome, and I especially love his hair & eyes.

Shin Min Hee was a surprising beauty, though. A bit like Shu Qi in my opinion.

A refreshing change from the norm, and it'd be great if the REST of the Korean actresses followed suit.

This story, about a young, orphaned girl arriving in Seoul to search for her birth parents wasn't the greatest Korean drama I've seen, but it wasn't the worst one, either. It's somewhere in the middle, with it's good parts and it's bad ones. Sometimes it ran smoothly and I watched with interest, while at other times I felt like dropping out.

I wish I knew the name of the secret service agent (Robo-cop) that the fat chick had a mad crush on, because he was H.O.T. She and her friend carried the show, and the older woman that had a crush on the gardener was terrific. OMG! His name is Yoo Tae Joon!

This drama also had the weirdest ending that I've ever seen. I can't very well complain, though. It's the hardest part for me to figure out (as an amateur writer) too.

I loved the duck. The duck was cool, and now I want a pet duck!


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