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Thursday, July 31, 2008

고맙습니다 / Thank You

우리들이 있었다 / We Were There / There We Were

Chinese title : 谢谢

On a scale of one to ten, one being normal and ten being an entire box of tissues, this drama gets a ten. Nowhere NEAR Tokyo Tower 2007 in the tear-jerker department. I still can't bear to order cheeseburgers from McDonalds, either. Just driving PAST a McDonalds makes me choke up!

This was an EXCELLENT piece of work, and I hope that it did anything to wake up the people in that part of the world, too.

Honestly, I can't say anything bad about this drama! As a rule, I tend to shy away from shows with little children as the star. I make a sour face whenever I see little children on display in posters. A majority of the time, they are annoying, and their acting skills make me queasy. Especially when the directors INSIST on over-doing the cutesy shit that drives me insane. Spring (Suh Shin Ae) is adorable, and not at all syrupy-sweet YUCK, either. She carried that show, and I hope that she received the equivalent of an oscar for her performance, too.

Mr. Lee. What can I say about an adorable old man that lost his marbles and lives like a three-year-old? For us, choco-pie became synonymous with "I'm hungry" for awhile. I knew he had to die, but I didn't want to see it happen, and when it did, I wept like I did at my own Dasha's funeral.

Oh dear ... I do have a complaint. The ending. Is it just my imagination, or did the writers run out of steam? For something as incredible as Thank You, I expected a whole, lot more than what they gave us, didn't you? Passionate sex, two more off-spring running around. SOMEthing ... ANYthing but what they chose to do with the end of that drama.

Jang Hyuk is a total FOX, and I likened his character to House (Hugh Laurie). The hottest guy on the block though, was Shin Sung Rok. Wow! My personal image gallery grows deeper by the drama!


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