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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hwangtaejaui Cheotsarang - Prince's First Love

황태자의 첫사랑 / Hwang-tae-ja-ui Cheot-sa-rang / First Love of the Prince / A Prince's First Love

Now, I'll be honest and admit that the only reason I watched this drama was because it starred KIM NAM JIN ~ to me, the FINEST looking Korean Male Actor on the PLANET. Now, I didn't say that he's the greatest actor, that's he's the most-popular actor, or even that I'm madly in love with him. I said he's the FINEST LOOKING KOREAN MALE ACTOR ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET.

the Face, the Bod, the Eyes, and the Voice ... Ajushi KIM has got it goin' ON!

The title of this drama gave away the ending, and because of my prejudice against him, I did not like, I did not WANT to like the Prince (Cha Tae Hyun). When he did the skit in drag (he makes a damn, fine woman!) I had to change my opinion of him, though.

As MOST Korean dramas go, this one tended to drag on in places, and I'm sorry, but the female lead, (Sung Yu Ri) is pretty, but VERY annoying. She's too girly for the parts they give her, and the way that she constantly bites down on her lower lip makes me want to SMACK her.

I knew it would be too much to ask to see Ajushi KIM with a bared chest, or in a bathing suit, too. The first time that I ever saw him, was when I watched 1,000 Years of Love, and he was half-naked LOTS of times! Yippee!

Prince's First Love was a good story, though. As long as I can stare at Oppa KIM, who cares what else is going on? I spent a majority of the time pausing the screen to take pictures of him, and this is my favorite:

I bet you'll never guess WHY, either!

My only REAL complaint is that they used unprofessional foreigners to portray ENGLISH-SPEAKING tourists or hosts. Is it nepotism, or do the studio executives just pull white people off the street and ask them to play these characters for chump change?? I hope "I" get that lucky when I visit Korea!! At least I'd speak proper ENGLISH for them!

Here's another favorite of Ajushi Kim:

Prince's First Love is worth watching for the breath-taking scenery, Kim Nam Jin, and the pretty theme music. I might watch it again, in the dead of winter, when I'm so OVER the cold & snow that I want to run away to a tropical locale and become a hermit that lives on the beach.


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