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Sunday, April 03, 2011


2004 Thai movie billed as a thriller/horror flick that ended up being an error-of-his-ways docu-drama about a young couple who, on their way home from the bar, hit a woman standing in the road.

Instead of going back to see if she's alright, the guy orders his girl to take off, and despite her obvious fears, she does as she's told.

But, it's not what you're thinking.

Their relationships is strained now as a result, with her being pissed off, frightened, and plagued by nightmares at first, before the guy ends up suffering the brunt of what this movie had to dish out in the way of punishment for the crime.

He's a photographer by trade, and at a graduation ceremony, he sees someone standing in the crowd who shouldn't be there, and I have to admit, the f/x were slightly astonishing - the sudden flashes a tad on the terrifying side.

But, in an altogether predictable way that made me a little angry.

Turns out she wasn't, some random chick standing in the middle of a dark road late at night but a past fling of the guy, who didn't, really like her as much as he felt sorry for her because she was bullied for being eccentric.

He said that when he realized it wasn't going to work out, he enlisted the help of his buddies as a way to dump her.

Their 'way' was beyond heartless & cruel, and that he ended up being in on it came as quite a surprise as well.

Anyway, for a majority of this 'psychological' thriller we travel through his past to the ultimate present and find out as much as we can stand about the girl, their relationship, and the cruelty that led to her ultimate demise.

I wondered why his neck was bent when they showed the x-rays, and it took til the very end of the movie to understand why it was the way it was.

I didn't NOT like this one, but I was disappointed in the fact that it didn't send me hiding underneath the bed or make me scream, or even jump in my chair every ten minutes.

The storyline was well-developed, though, and the way it was portrayed on screen was worth the effort and your time if you're interested in finding out what happened and why.


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