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Sunday, April 03, 2011

僕だけのマドンナ / Boku Dake no Madonna

You Are My Only Madonna

2004 JDorama that stars Hideaki Takizawa as Suzuki Kyouichi, a college-age boy anxious to leave his home & family and set out on his own.

To Kyouichi, his father is a wimp who lets his wife and oldest daughter run the show; leaving our poor, defenseless Kyouichi to have to pick up the slack.

The first day he moves into his own apartment, however, the strange but interesting neighbors come out of the woodwork to pester him as much as his family did back home.

On campus, he discovers to his utter dismay that the pretty girl he's been running with since the beginning of the semester actually doesn't want anything to do with him anymore because ... as she put it bluntly and right to his face, "You're boring."

Taki-boy as Suzuki Kyouichi

I suppose he could be considered boring; but mainly on the quiet/thought side and not because he isn't an interesting character.

He's a wannabe Architect with dreams of building homes, not houses - which oddly enough is what his father does for a living - designs homes.

At about the same time our hapless Kyouichi lands a to-die-for summer intern position with a prestigious architect firm, he comes home to find a beautiful stranger in his room.

She makes no bones about her having broken in, and she even explains how she is there to spy on an ex-lover who happens to live across the alley, and that his apartment is directly in line with Kyouichi's window.

She mooches off him, drinks all his beer, and helps herself to the 7-11 meals he buys for himself while our defenseless Kyouichi can only 'think' of the right things to say & do but not, actually come right out with it the way she can.

He's also been instantly taken by her beauty and therefore has no guts.

She's older than he is, she isn't college educated, and she doesn't have a family background that is oh, so important to an Asian man in the market for a wife.

We also discover that the man she's spying on is the same man Kyouichi is working for that summer, and with each promise she makes him keep, the helpless soul sinks deeper and deeper into a depression of sorts; not knowing which way for his heart or his shattered mind to turn.

Naturally, because he is suddenly seen alongside someone so attractive, the snooty college chick decides Kyouichi isn't as bad as she first made him out to be, and now she wants him back - which, of course, only adds to the utter confusion our handsome Kyouichi is already suffering through.

Despite all this, the neighbors sharing the same, small apartment as him are always there to lend a helping hand (which never seems quite as helpful as they'd like Kyouichi to think) - but with each episode, he gains more in the way of self-awareness in order to get a better grip on his confusing emotions.

Should he forsake the beautiful woman in order to remain trustworthy to his boss?

Can he dump the idea of getting it on with the beautiful woman in order to appease his flippant, ex-girlfriend?

Will he follow the heart he's just discovered and ignore the societal wishes about finding someone more in line with his station in life?

Was being repressed at home by a domineering mother and pushy sister better or worse than the life he is currently forced to have to live?

WERE his parents and siblings the type of people he had always assumed them to be?

I think you'll enjoy Doku Dake no Madonna as much as I did, so if you haven't already, give it a go and see if you don't have an interesting, if not charmed time.


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