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Monday, April 04, 2011

Hotaru no Hikari: Season 2 / ホタルノヒカリ 2

Glow of Fireflies 2


2010 JDorama that stars the same lead cast as the first drama ~ HURRAY!

Three years have gone by since Amemiya Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) and Takano Seiichi (Fujiki Naohito) last saw each other (or since we last saw them for that matter).

She is returned from Hong Kong when the story picks up where it left off in Season 1, only Seiichi is upset about the fact that during those three years, Hotaru never did anything that she had said she would via yakusoku, like text every night, reply to all his e-mails, etc.

Hotaru is as adorable, flustered, and introverted as ever, but when you watch this version, it will be plain to see that our lovable characters have matured while still managing to maintain a modicum of their idiosyncratic ways.

Seiichi (kumichou) is as uppity, anal, and seemingly inattentive as ever while Amemiya immediately falls right back into her laid-back, slovenly routine at the home they still share.

She is so pretty, he is so handsome, and their home is so charming that there isn't a wonder at all about how much I rooted for them, smiled until my face became sore, and with excited anticipation waited for the next of ten episodes to begin.

Season 2 was only uploaded eighteen days ago at, but I happened to discover it just a day after the fact, and BOY was I ecstatic!

None of the original formula that lent so, much charm and wonder to this story was left out or forgotten, albeit the theme song, which changed ~ but not the adorable, little girl in animation who chases a firefly up a hillside at her
Obaasan's house.

The only real concern (for me anyway) was the inevitable question as to whether or not they will ... well, DO it ...

There is a new nemesis in the office, too - another handsome, young guy who is immediately taken by our pretty Amemiya, and with our aging Seiichi looking on, it was kawaii to see his stiff resolve crumble with insecure jealousy only to have the ever-clueless Amemiya straighten him right out with a mere glance or unknowing remark that always managed to have an effect of relief to make him feel better.

Kumichou still allows Amemiya to do her thing in her own way while also scolding her in the process - but when it comes to affairs of the heart, he still leaves everything to chance - I wonder while also believing that Amemiya is his eternally and that he actually has little to fear.

There is a love-interest on Kumichou's side, too, though ~ in the form of a pretty and refined lady with a little daughter who refers to Seiichi as Papa.

Like Kumichou, Amemiya will step back and let things happen without voicing her opinion or inner fears - but, only until she can't take the pressure anymore, and then she will blurt - something that still bugs our Seiichi, yet it is endearingly obvious he has grown accustomed and actually likes when she says what is on her mind.

They rolled across the floor a few times, they shared a lot of beer on the veranda, and they bickered about cleanliness, dress codes, and keeping promises, too.

Seiichi proposes to Amemiya this time, and with the most gorgeous, $12,500 ring in the whole world, too.

She loves him and even tells him as much, but it isn't right away that she accepts his proposal - and there is a funny scene where they think she's misplaced that expensive ring as well.

Amemiya does a lot of running around trying to help with crotchety clients, inter-office affairs, and the personal issues her friends are dealing with at that moment while also trying desperately hard to be more open and responsive with Seiichi.

She's not, even sure if she likes the new guy, but only because he makes her heart flutter - something that also occurs quite regularly whenever Kumichou is around.

She's jealous of the pretty lady, but because of her self-esteem issues, she thinks it might be best to just let Kumichou go to the woman in better standing than her - but, of course, Seiichi isn't going to let that happen.

At another point in the story, Seiichi lets Amemiya know that before his first marriage or meeting her, that he was quite the ladies man and had sex at whim - which causes Amemiya to refer to him thereafter as 'the beast', and every time that Kumichou orders her to his room, her first thought is that the beast has emerged and he wants sex on demand.

She's so kawaii and he's so RIGHT for her!

I loved this show - I was completely happy with the ending, and I don't see the need for Season 3, though I certainly won't complain if they decide to make one!

Here are some screen captures, and I forgot to mention that the subs were pretty deplorable (as if the person writing them had deaf people in mind).

I had no idea (I swear) that there was a past-tense version of the word!

like this needs (explanation)

maybe this one was helpful, I'm still (not) sure

gee, thanks! (I think)

guess it was for the hearing impaired (??)

I don't know, I think it's just (weird), and the timer made it impossible (to read all this added info) anyhow!


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