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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Antique / アンティーク

Despite the fact this had such a great (somewhat anyway) cast, I can't go any farther than 3 fairies for this one.

This is the original, live-action version of the Korean hit movie that started out as Manga, turned Anime, and then became this ... an eleven-episode drama from back in 2001.

The storyline was somewhat the same as that of the Korean version, but they did not play up the fact of Naohito-kun's gayness, Taki-boy's over-enthusiasm, nor the unsolved mystery surrounding the leading rich man's kidnapping.

I'll hazard a guess it was a sign of the times and leave it at that.

Still, this version managed to drag me in and keep me watching for the duration, and about half-way through, I totally forgot about the Korean version to enjoy what the Japanese had to offer.

I was just grateful this was finally uploaded at (a mere twelve days ago).

Here are some screen captures for your enjoyment:


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