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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hatachi no Kekkon / 20歳の結婚

Married At 20

2000 JDorama that I watched because of Sakaguchi Kenji, and then when Oshio Manabu made the scene, I was like ... dayum!

Course, this was back in the day, when Japanese men were hunkdafied and grass-grazing wasn't the thing to do just yet.

Other than that, though, this was a rapid-paced, LOUD drama filled with eleven episodes of shouting, fighting, chasing, hating, head-bashing, and name calling I could have done without tyvm.

There was even a Gyaru chick in this one, and I think that must be how the helium voice thang made its debut over there, I can't be too sure.

Anyway, Yuka played the leading lady - a funny-face chick with an annoying voice, annoying habits, a hatred for her wayward father, and self-appointed holier-than-thou mannerisms that went above and beyond the irritating spectrum of things.

Again, I get the impression from posts and blogs that she's 'all that', but to me, she was unattractive and had a strange mouth.

She's being a bitch on her twentieth birthday while her girlfriends are having fun at a carnival, and she ends up riding that Yokahama ferris wheel with omo, OMO Manabu's character.

Turns out her gardener father has brought the guy back from Southeast Asia and wants him to work on their landscaping farm.

That's when Kenji-kun's character appears, and disappointment #2 is when he sports a disgusting goatee.

He's got an unrequited thing going for our leading lady's older sister; a slut who flits from wrong man to wrong man while stringing along our robust yet patient Kenji-san's character.

Their younger brother plays the guitar and wants to be a rock star - which was annoyance #3 for me in that I was under the misguided assumption that this was going to be about kids starting up a band and making it big when NO such thing even occurred.

All this was was a bunch of heated debate about who loves whom, who is loyal to whom, and what is right versus what is wrong, and if it wasn't for Manabu-kun, I would not have wasted my time.


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