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Sunday, April 03, 2011

무림여대생 / Murim yeodaesaeng

My Mighty Princess

2008 Korean movie that stars Shin Min a (So hwi), On Ju wan (Il young), and Yu geon (Jun mo) in a sort a sci/fi, fantasy type story about the daughter of highly gifted and quite secret-society martial arts parents.

So hwi is as talented as her parents and has learned from her father the secrets of her late mother's sword-play.

Her super-human strength turns off the boys her age, which depresses her so she decides to give up being unlike all the other girls and tries acting like everyone else so she can win the heart of a new boy on campus (who happens to have a mother-complex crush on an older woman).

Meanwhile, something in the secret martial arts world is afoot, and her father's friends are being defeated one by one by the evil Heuk bong, who is determined to become master of the martial arts society.

An old acquaintance of So hwi appears for whatever reason,

On Ju wan as Il young

and though Il young is adorable in a sexy-boyish kind of way, she shows no interest and continues to try winning the attention of the hot hockey player, Jun mo, who thinks she is as strange as everyone else does.

Il young's skills are on par with So hwi's, but she has a special talent that no one aside from her late mother can possess.

When her father ends up getting seriously hurt by the bad guy, So hwi reluctantly but inevitably discards her personal emotions for hockey hotty in order to avenge her father.

There is a lot of wire-fu and nonsense involved, along with some pretty hilarious scenes, but there is also a latent love story that kind of took me by surprise and made me realize how silly I'd behaved at the beginning of this good movie.

I recommend this to anyone in need of a chance to escape the ordinary and get lost for a few hours in attractive fantasy with slightly dark undertones.


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