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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Saigo no Yakusoku / 最後の約束

January, 2010, Japanese movie starring the Arashi Five as various insiders or outsiders who converge along with about two-hundred others inside a glass tower office building when three o'clock strikes and all hell suddenly breaks loose.

Ohno Satoshi as Mashiko Satoru is a maintenance worker who ends up inside the absent president's office with a new employee who ends up being an ex-con who finally got busted for B&E after nearly forty years.

Sakurai Sho as Tomizawa Yukio is an insurance salesman at the risk of losing his job if he doesn't make a sale, and his target is a woman who works inside the building.

Aiba Masaki as Tanada Akira sells coffee at a kiosk on the fifth floor.

Ninomiya Kazunari as Yamagiwa Shoji is the head of the security department inside the building.

and finally, Matsumoto Jun as Goto Nozomu, who is a bike courier that ends up losing part of a package delivered to the president's daughter, so he's there waiting for a return call from the shipping place where he works.

So, at the strike of three, lock-down happens, the security guys, Shoji and Fujiki Naohito as Okanaka Shinichiro are held prisoner by armed hijackers.

They demand in ninety minutes the delivery of a boat-load of yen by the company's president, and if their demand isn't met, BOOM!

Satoru is following the old, ex con through the duct work, Yukio is stuck in the fifth floor lobby with the other, two-hundred or so building employees, and Akira is holed-up inside the men's room - the only one there still with a cell phone, where he can stay in contact with the police.

Nozomu chases after the president's stubborn but determined daughter, (Kuroki Meisa as Niimi Yuriko ) who hurries up a ton of flights of stairs in order to destroy the prototypes for bio-fuel she thinks the terrorists are really after, and then she puts the research data on a flash drive, locks everything of value in a steel briefcase and then heads toward an escape route, arguing with Nozomu along the way.
She's really beautiful.

There's an unexpected twist in the plot about 3/4 of the way through, and I, for one, did NOT see it coming (embarrassed).

Highly recommend this one.


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