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Monday, August 30, 2010

Oishii Proposal / おいしいプロポーズ

2006, ten-episode Japanese drama that stars Hasegawa Kyoko as Shiraishi Suzuko and Koide Keisuke as Katsuragi Haruki, opposites that do not attract right away.

Suzuko is an Italian cuisine chef working at a tiny bistro somewhere in the city, and Haruki is a spoiled, rich kid wavering between living large or growing up.

Haruki works for his father, who is a philanderer but also a shrewd business man unhappy with his bastard son's flippant attitude about life.

To prove his worth, Haruki decides to aquire and then renovate a restaurant with the best cuisine in town, and that happens to be the tiny bistro where Suzuko works.

He has grand plans for the joint while she cringes at the notion of changing anything about the popular, little haunt tucked neatly away from the hustle & bustle of the big city.

Naturally, Haruki doesn't get it, and while Suzuko acts coy a majority of the time, thinking that her life's work is to cook for others and nothing more, she is slowly becoming attracted to the boy a few years younger than she is (which, therefore, means he is off limits).

It seemed, to me, that right from the very start, our Haruki had the hots for Suzuko, but at the beginning of this drama, they did the 'stuck-up nod' at one another a majority of the time.

The storyline seemed played out as well, but that was probably because it was, like, the third or fourth 'pasta' movie/drama I watched almost consecutively, so my opinion may seem a tad jaded, I don't know.

I didn't NOT like this one, and the ending came as a bit of a surprise as much as it sort of disappointed me, but it wasn't anything memorable, either.


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