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Monday, August 30, 2010

사막의 샘 / Sa mak ui Saem

Oasis / Desert Spring

This is a 2003 Korean extended movie that stars SONG IL GOOK as Ki Hyun, a motherless boy who witnesses his saxaphone-playing father being gunned down in cold blood by a ruthless mercinary on the side of the Japanese in post-war Korea.

NOT nice.

Anyway Ki Hyun grows up to be a gorgeous, young man (big surprise) who is now a terrific musician and (bigger surprise) loved by all the ladies. ;-)

Later, and on his way to Seoul to attend college, a chick in a white wedding gown runs past him, thus losing her veil, which ends up smacking Ki Hyun in the face.

He catches up to her a bit later, and when he sees her treading out to sea in the gown, he freaks out - shouting as he chases after her in an attempt to stop her from committing what he presumes is suicide.

She's actually trying to get back a note with an address on it as she has run from the arranged marriage to pursue her own way of life by attending college with the help of a family friend.

For whatever reason (I'm not that hip to the Korean culture) when she sees that Ki Hyun is a saxaphone player, she wrinkles her nose at him, raises her chin haughtily, and totally disses him the way any, upstanding Korean girl might do ... I don't know.

Anyway, at the train station, her furious fiance is hunting her down to kick her ass for leaving him at the altar, and she grabs Ki Hyun's saxaphone case to hide from the guy and his goons.

She ducks inside a touring sedan owned by the town rich dude and Rich guy is immediately taken by runaway bride, but then so was Ki Hyun.

The saxaphone is Ki Hyun's prized possession (his late father's instrument).

Boy and girl eventually meet up at college, where she admits without much shame to having pawned said instrument in order to pay for her tuition, but she does promise to reimburse him for the huge favor some day.

So, a few years go by and she is doing really well thanks to her luck at bumping into the rich dude, who fell madly in love at first sight.

She lives with his wealthy family taking care of his little sister and ends up getting a cherry position at the local radio station.

Along comes older, hotter Ki Hyun to play live music with a band, and suddenly, things start to turn around for everyone.

Ki Hyun is still crazy about the girl, and the girl is suddenly very interested in the hot guy playing the sax.

What about the rich dude??

You won't believe who his old man really is.

Personally, this was a terrific movie that I highly recommend, and NOT just because it stars god-like Song, either.

It's cute how he's, like, way taller than everyone else, and not ONCE did I get a Yeom Jang or Jumong vibe while watching this movie, which is great since I hate to see him being type-cast that way.

Hell, I don't even care that the dude is married now and totally off-limits even from a fantasy standpoint!

He's frickin' amazing in anything he acts in, and I wish there was more to see of him, too.

I hope he still has a contract with a studio somewhere in Korea, and that he'll be making more than just babies in the future.


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