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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Crows Zero 2 / クローズ ZERO 2

Spring, 2009, Japanese movie that stars Shun Ogiri and Takayuki Yamada in their same, nemisis roles from the same school, along with a few of the other, original cast as well.

This time, "The Army of Killers" from rival high school Hosen Academy threaten Suzuran High aka the School of Crows.

Genji Takiya (Shun) isn't aware of some things and walks in on a potential gang murder attempt on a Suzuran sempai just released from prison for stabbing to death a student from said Hosen Academy a few years earlier.

Genji unknowingly breaks this 'code' between the two gangs and now full-out war has been declared.

Trouble is, the in-fighting among Suzuran students is so bad that no one knows who or even if anyone will be there for Genji come doomsday.

Top it all off, the dude who caused all the trouble in the first place runs away while searching for Ken, and ends up safe in this seaside town somewhere far, far away from all the dangerous action.

There were some notables starring in the second part, including Haruma Miura as Tatsuya Mito, the little brother of the guy who got killed.

Haruma Miura

Nobuaki Kaneko as Taiga Narumi, the leader of the Hosen Academy thugs.

And someone new to me, but who also managed to intrigue while also baffle in the on-stage 'is he or isn't he' category, Gou Ayano as Ryo Urushibara (carries the umbrella and packs a hella punch)

Like the first show, the sequel had as many laugh moments (and laugh-able) as hoped for, along with plenty of nasty fighting beyond the survival rate or even endurance level which no-doubt made this such a popular series among 'dudes'.

There were a few hints at a possible third episode as well, but if it is anything like the sequel, I'm not counting on it being a smash hit.


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