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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Once A Gangster

飞沙风中转 (Fei Sha Feng Zhong Zhuan)

May, 2010, Hong Kong release that stars Jordan Chan and Ekin Cheng as warring ex-gang members who are supposedly vying for the head-dragon spot left open by Chan's gang boss who is so heavily in debt that he can't think of any, other way out but to have someone else appointed to take his place.

Roast Pork (Chan) was once a gang member who wanted to save his family's small food stall from ruthless extortionists who are actually under the head dragon he now works to protect.

Sparrow (Cheng) knows his way around a sword, and he ends up spending twenty years in the slammer as a result, but his drug-addicted mother is as brash and powerful as ever, vowing to make her 'baby' the head dragon at all costs.

Turns out Roast Pork is only interested in keeping his thriving restaurants afloat while Sparrow has turned over a new leaf inside prison, coming out a learned man whose soul has also been saved.

This is obviously meant as a comedic endeavor that brought back a few of the bad-ass hoods from the Y & D series, and the director made sure to throw in a few, other movie references as well ... especially some hilarious scenes robbed from the Infernal Affairs saga.

I've just been so STARVED for stuff like this from Hong Kong, that even if it turned out to be a total disaster, I'd probably have still enjoyed the watch - but wait!

This was funny, it was interesting, and SO close to what Hong Kong film once represented that I had to give it five hearts.

I'm not looking forward to it, but I still await the day when Cheng and Chan start to show their age - and after watching Once a Gangster, it looks like I'll still have to wait, because neither, handsome gentleman appeared any older or worse-for-wear imho.

Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan in Once a Gangster

The first time I ever heard about the unlikelihood of there being such a product on any market as this ...

was when I watched Anna Magdalena, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing.

It puzzled me then as it still does now how something like this is even plausible, much less functional or even desirable to anyone in the whole world.

I don't get it, but if I am ever blessed with the opportunity to travel Asia, you can bet it will be one of the FIRST items I search for AND buy when shopping over there.

Ok - I know my first crush is married now and totally off-limits more so than ever before, but since he IS my first crush, it isn't likely I'll ever get over him.

... so that means I'm still able to and likely always will continue to dream about a guy as amazing as Jordan Chan.

Here's the trailer if you're interested, and I've linked the blog title to the video at youtube, but I don't know how long it'll be before they shut it down ~ so quick! watch this one, cause I know you'll enjoy it!

Once A Gangster (trailer)


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