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Monday, August 30, 2010


Yes, I finally did it ~

I watched a Bae Yong jun drama from Korea that goes waaay back to 2001!

For those of you not in the know, it's about a guy who works at a hotel in Seoul when he scandalizes everyone by ending up inside a female guest's room in his bath robe.

He gets fired and ends up working in Las Vegas for a few years when the Seoul Hotel owner dies of a heart attack and his wife begs the guy to come back and help save the floundering hotel.

Meanwhile, business tycoon Shin Dong Hyuk (Bae Yong jun) is working with the man who wants to buy out the Seoul Hotel just so he can see it run into the ground or cease to operate anymore.

A chick working in upper management is sent to Las Vegas to find Han Tae jun (Kim Seung woo), but he dumps her in the desert and then Dong hyuk picks her up.

The girl and Tae jun used to be lovers, but now she just wants to be his friend.

It's hard to tell if he lingers or not, but by the end of this 20-episode show, it's even harder to decide whether or not to care.

At least now I know why Bae Yong jun never did much for me - at least not in the looks department.

I went to school with a boy who looks almost identical, but I never made the connection until now, when I just returned from a reunion of sorts, and then I watched Hotelier - and I was like, holy smoke! That's Jim!

Yong jun or Jim Mc?

I can't put Jim's pic here without permission, but trust me, they are like twins, and NOT that I didn't like Jim, cause he always was and still is a really sweet guy.

Maybe I just never looked at him from a sexual standpoint, so to see Bae in that light wasn't, ever a possibility?

Whatever - aside from his slammin' bod, I'm not that crazy about the guy - well, let's just say I'm not one of his gazillion, ga-ga fans who want to bed him at any rate.

As for this oldie but goodie, I really liked it!

Ok, I didn't think it was the greatest drama from Korea, and it had it's moments of slowness, repetition, and boring pauses to contend with, but otherwise, the story was interesting and the characters where rather charming as well.

The other thing I found kind of interesting in a weird sort of way was the lead actor who portrayed GM Han Tae Jun (Kim Seung woo) - dude looks a lot like Jackie Chan to me ...

I'll bet a lot of you are thinking I'm crazy, but oh well - it's the way I see it.

The subtitles were practically flawless, but the interpretations were obviously British, and done by an Asian from that part of the world - but there was one word that kept popping up to make me giggle ...

as if to explode, when I really mean pressureD

Funny stuff.

Then there was this guy, with the strangest hair style I've ever seen on an Asian dude before - honestly, I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone else, aside from maybe Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden, but that was staged, and I don't think this was meant to fool anyone ...

Park Jung chul as Choi Young jae

What's even more amazing, though, is how manly he's become of late ~

Park Jung chul today

I liked this clock in madam president's office ~

and, in two, separate scenes, the BOOM was evident - this time -

tippy-top, left side

and another time, when they tried to disguise it with leaves, but it didn't work since the leaf cluster moved from above her head to his while they stood on a balcony to bitch at one another.

funny stuff.



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