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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sweet Lie / 달콤한 거짓말

2008 Korean movie about a girl who always gets drunk, ends up losing her PD job (I guess that's the to-die-for position over there, eh?), and as she's leaving the station, her purse gets ripped off her shoulder by a thief.

As she is chasing after the guy while shouting profanities in broad daylight, she runs into a fancy car, and the minute she sees who it is that is driving, she feigns amnesia.

See, about ten years earlier, during high school, she was madly in love with this cute guy who never gave her the time of day, but that never stopped her from dreaming, which is why she turns into a lush with a broken heart and no, real reason to live.

Yea ~ he's the hotty behind the wheel who ends up having to take her in and care for her until she gains back her memory.

I thought PD's were ultra-hip, totally rad, and highly paid workers over there, but Ji ho seems to come from poverty and stayed there, unable to pay her bills, so I'm a bit confused.

Her ditzy friend from way back is still there, too, and still as ditzy as ever, always pointing out to Ji ho that 'any guy will do, actually', when Ji ho is still stuck in the past.

Her next-door neighbor, and a guy who has been in love with Ji ho since way back, is searching frantically for her until he at last finds her, and at once, he realizes that she is faking it, and he doesn't spoil the secret, but Ji ho ends up having no choice but to return to her humble abode now.

Aside from the interestingly played storyline, this movie was filled with hilarious moments I won't soon forget ... especially a scene early on where they show a newspaper delivery guy on a bike who chucks the papers a bit, too hard and ends up wiping out.

It's been awhile since I've laughed that hard, or even for that long, and while Ji ho muddles her way through a majority of this film until finally realizing how stupid she's been behaving, it was still a laugh-riot start to finish, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too, if you give it a chance.

WAY loved this one!


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