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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Lucky Star / 放羊的星星 / Fang Yang De Xing Xing

Taiwan drama that aired March through July of 2007, and stars Jimmy Lin as Zhong Tian Qi 仲天騏, Yoo Ha Na as Xia Zhi Xing 夏之星, Hong Xiao Ling as Ou Ya Ruo 歐雅若, Lee Wei as Han Zhi Yin 韓志胤, and Leon Jay Williams as Zhong Tian Jun 仲天駿.

Honestly, this is only the third drama from Taiwan that I've seen, and like MARS & Meteor Garden, My Lucky Star was fanTAStic!
And THANK YOU to SUBlime for the nearly flawless subtitles!
I Love You!

What a marvelous stumble-upon ( to while away another cold, grey, & lonely weekend here in Wintersville, USA.

The story is about a young, orphan girl (Xia Zhi Xing) from a small town somewhere in Taiwan, who is a dreamer and a perpetual liar, but NOT in the sense that one would first assume.
She's got a huge heart and enormous charity toward her fellow man, so her lies are more white than real, and always said in order to save someone else from their own mistakes.
She's also very talented, making jewelry from the heart, and in order to survive with her no-good boyfriend, she duplicates expensive items that they try to pawn off on unsuspecting, wealthy targets. She and her boyfriend meet a wealthy target at a fancy restaurant, to try to pawn off the fake necklace.

MEANWHILE, at the same restaurant that Zhi Xing is trying to sell a fake necklace, Tian Qi is there, to ask Ya Ruo to marry him. He sets a blue diamond earring inside a glass of champagne; the orphan to the earring that he wears in his left lobe.
Ya Ruo flatly refuses the proposal, informing the arrogant playboy that he hadn't a clue about her, love, or life.
Devastated, he decides to leave for Italy, to pursue his dream of racing Formula-1.

As he's leaving the restaurant, Zhi Xing is running from the Feds, and when they bump into each other, the earring leaves Tian Xi's hand. He thinks that she's trying to steal it, but she is simply pleading with him to let her go.
The Feds catch her, handcuff her, and cart her away while she curses Tian Xi for ruining her life.

About a year passes when our tenacious Zhi Xing cons her way to freedom by making up a wild story about her dying uncle, and her only objective is to find her boyfriend, to reunite under a romantic notion of fireworks, champagne, and sex.
Fate intervenes though, and instead of her long-lost boyfriend, Zhi Xing stumbles upon Tian Xi instead.

Tian Xi has returned from Europe after he finds out that Ya Ruo is engaged to marry his older brother, Zhong Tian.
THIS TIME though, Tian Xi is the thief, and he's trying to escape from his father's security guards with a priceless necklace that his late mother once owned, but that was given to Ya Ruo that day, her wedding day.

Again, boy and girl bump into each other on the street, and Zhi Xing again begs him to let her go, as she is terrified of being sent back to jail.
Tian Xi uses her to escape, tosses her inside his sports car, and speeds away.

After spending a long and interesting day together, the fated pair end up in Tomorrow Town, the small village where Zhi Xing grew up.
Zhi Xing is crushed, and so is Tian Xi, having both been dumped by the ones they thought that they loved.

From here, the plot twists, turns, flips, and wafts along, with NEVER a dull moment, and even with a fabulous soundtrack to accompany the wonderful show!

I hope I can find the OST online, because this particular tune was SOOO nice!

There are few, if any hokie, Korean drama moments, or sappy, sentimental hogwash teenage moments, either.
Zhi Xing (a Korean in real life) does act like an idiot on her first, official date with Tian Xi, though. That was painful to have to sit through.

NOW to share with you my personal opinions about My Lucky Star.

Jimmy Lin 小志 (Xiao Zhi) is NOT my ideal fella, and it took me a long time to warm up to him, too. That's not to say he isn't attractive or even handsome; just not my cup of tea.
His superb ACTING helped to change my mind though, and slowly but surely, I warmed up to him, so that by the end of this 20-episode drama, I thought he was the Ke ai'est thing since ©Hello Kitty.

Leon Jay Williams is probably popular with the ladies, and I will admit he's got a slammin' bod, but again, he's too Ken doll for my taste, not to mention he's got a baby-face with chipmunk cheeks, so it was hard for me to warm up to this guy, too. His acting skills did not equal that of any, other star of this drama, either. He needs to do his homework, IMHO.

THIS GUY, on the other hand, intrigued me from the moment that he arrived late in MLS.

LEE WEI has got that strange way of making me think he's incredibly gorgeous one minute, and then the next, he causes me to wonder what's so great about him. Still, of the three, main leads in My Lucky Star, WEI had them beat by a country mile.
He possessed that cocky, Gen-X attitude, and disrespect danced in his sexy, brown eyes, too. Still, he's probably a sweetheart in real life (at least I hope he is anyway).

On to the scenic moments in My Lucky Star

Night Scenes in big cities fascinate and appeal to me

Taiwan is a beautiful place, but these scenes are the best

I want this overhead lamp!

The condo complex where Tian Xi lived. So cool!

I tried to get a good shot of the beautiful, blue lights that lined a street behind them ~ they're gorgeous!


  1. You must be the very first person i ever read that says Jimmy (quote: That's not to say he isn't attractive or even handsome;).

    Well i guess everyone have their different tastes.. To me he is handsome and attractive - dont mean to be offensive to your hard work on this site - But yeh (just wanted to give my personal opinion).

    I think this show is great with Jimmy in it :) Perfect casts

    And forever Jimmy Fan!!

  2. Hi Kiko - Perhaps you misunderstand. I think that he IS handsome, just not an attraction to my personal taste in a man.
    Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. i really really love this drama...

  4. where can i find tomorrow town in taiwan?

  5. for now, you can watch 20 episodes here:
    (i cannot guarantee the quality, tho!)


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