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Friday, December 19, 2008

My (me) Time

Today is the unexpected but first day of my Christmas break from work (school), thanx to an anticipated snow storm that promised (and then actually DID deliver) more than ten inches of snow.
It's only two o'clock in the afternoon, and the storm has now passed, though the prognosticators DID say it would end at four p.m.
At least THAT much is true about the meteorologists ability to predict accurately about mother nature.

It isn't until next Thursday that I have to be back in the city, visiting with relatives for the holiday, and that makes me even happier.
Perhaps I'm at a crossroads in my life, I can't be too sure, but I don't miss my family the same way that I don't miss the fuss & bother that goes with the season.
Shopping is much, more fun online than at a crowded mall.
Sending an e-mail once in awhile, to ask about the in-laws or nieces & nephews is more informative & relaxing than being there and seeing/hearing it all for real.
Whatever the case, I value & appreciate my alone time, and maybe because I teach third grade, I know how priceless even a few moments of absolute silence can be.

Anyway, my plan is to hunker down for the next, several days (and nights, no doubt) watching Green Rose.
I know, this is a Korean drama from 2005, and the entire world has already watched it ... but, not me.

Isn't this pretty?
Green Rose is one of those dramas that I never watched because at the time, I wasn't interested in anyone other than Kim Nam-jin, so I spent all my time, effort, and $$$ on his and Jordan Chan's DVDs.
Go Soo is handsome I guess, and though she starred alongside Kim Nam-jin in 1,000 Years of Love, I cannot recall Lee Da Hae, but now I know her from East of Eden.
Lee Jong Hyuk is good-looking!
I haven't seen any of his dramas or movies, though.

I downloaded the OST to Green Rose, and it's very pretty, so maybe that's what got me so interested in the drama?
I also haven't had the time or the inclination to watch a 20 episode drama from Korea, because in all honesty, I prefer Japanese & Hong Kong movies anymore.
I began my love of all things Asian with Hong Kong flicks that starred Jordan Chan, and after ten years, I suppose I've just come full-circle is all.
I've got until January 7th, though!
Plenty of time to watch a K-drama and not feel as if I just robbed myself of what precious, little alone time I have in actuality.

Last year at this time, I had every intention of writing my story for the entire length of Christmas break, and then, two days before I had to return to work, I wrote a blog entry lamenting my wasted vacation time having spent it joining web sites, creating web pages, and chatting with friends online via MSN instead of spending even one hour on my story.
This year, I thought that if I did the blog first, when the vacation break comes to an end, I can read it again and see if I actually followed through with a plan already written in stone so to speak.

We'll see what actually transpires between now and January 7th.


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