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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Korean Drama Kuriosities

Recently, I was invited to subscribe to a blog written by a man in Japan.
Before I ever agree or accept online invitations, I always browse the site first, to see if the person or it's content even interests me.
So, I went to this man's blog, and here's what I read in the first paragraph of his first entry:

"...we visited a restaurant before we went shopping, and my son said that he had to poop."

No thanks.

Hey ... does this mean I "am" a puritanical prude after all?
I sure hope not, because honestly, the only thing that bugs me is the fact that you can't come up with a nicer word, or at least something more pleasing to the ear (AND the stomach?)
Now, when I think about sushi or udon, you guessed it ... I think about a little guy pressing a hand against his butt while dancing all the way to the "toilet" (another, crude word for 'restroom' in my book).

First, let me begin by saying that although I haven't, actually gone ahead and LOOKED for them, I can imagine that YouTube has more video's of Korean Dramas that show actors PUKING than they do kissing, singing, holding hands, or getting dumped by their significant other.
THOSE are the types of videos that I find on YouTube, and I can't bring myself to screen capture the act of vomit in motion, so suffice to say, it happens more often than I care to remember; which begs the question WHY???

Bodily functions must not have the same, gross connotations as they do here in America, or maybe it's the translators convoluted version of the actual dialogue that makes me shake my head in disgust whenever I have to read things like:

No lie, in ALMOST, every Korean drama that I have ever watched, there is AT LEAST one puke scene.
Guy drinks too much, guy vomits.
Girl drinks too much, girl vomits.
Guy eats the wrong food, guy makes disgusting noises in the 'toilet' for five minutes.
IN comes the ubiquitous stranger, only to exit the 'toilet' seconds later, holding his nose, fanning a hand, and making a sour face.
This is done to EMPHASIZE the fact that someone has just dropped a bomb, and do you supply gas masks, by any chance?

It's bad enough that these dramas get away with shit like this, but when I watched My Lovely Samsoon, I almost fell on the FLOOR as I watched HIM seated on a toilet (IN the toilet)and SHE is in the stall right NEXT to him!
??? WTF ???
No ... frickin' ... WAY!!!
PLEASE tell me this is just for the dramas and not actuality over there!

I'd rather DIE first than to squat in the presence of a GUY.

In Dal Ja's Spring, I laughed my ASS off when, the SECOND time that Oh Dal Jah ripped one, gorgeous Lee Min-ki (seated behind her, on a sofa) said, "Hey! Are you trying to blow the ceiling off?"
Of course, it was just her imagination, which is cool.
And DAMN funny!
But, still ... girls don't DO those kinds of things!!!

Ok ...
while watching A Love To Kill, the drunk chick heaves after stuffing her face with ramen.
TOTALLY believable scene is when Rain's character FRENCHES her immediately after she wipes her mouth.
I am sooo down with that move, there's nothing about it NOT to believe!

I think I danced around the apartment for five minutes, screaming, gagging, and trying to get the nasty TASTE out of my mouth.

DO Asians actually hover at the 'toilet' door and listen while commenting quietly on the velocity, pitch, and frequency with which the ill occupant has a movement?

Remind me never to use a public 'facility' while traveling through Asia, please.

Yes, we all do it.
YES, it's a part of life.
But, like MOST things in life, there ARE times when things like ... oh, I don't know ... bodily functions, indiscreet noises like FARTING and BURPING should be left to imagination.

As weak a constitution as I have, I can't even bear to puke myself.
I've actually WILLED it to come out the other end, and until now, I've succeeded.
So, PLEASE, Please, please spare me the gross, unnecessary, and completely pointless shit that should hit the cutting room floor before it hits the airwaves, ok?

Now, on to something far, less invasive, upsetting, or GROSS.

What the *&#@ does this mean???

"Leave First"
"Go first"

Is this a common phrase in Asia?
I have to wonder sometimes, because my NEXT blog will be about the inexcusable LACK of GRAMMAR in subtitling.
So, for all I know, this 'phrase' might be the subtitlers version of "I'm leaving now" or "I'm out!"

What has POSITION got to do with the act of leaving?

If you ARE the first one to the door, is there any need to say as much, or has everyone over there got a condescending spirit when it comes to making a move for the door?

It makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever, which bugs the crap out of me.

Hey ... how entirely apropos, eh?

Peace out, folks.
This is Rain, and ... I'll leave FIRST.




  1. lol this was funny. i'm korean so when i read the first part of this i couldn't keep from laughing :P and yea i think the same thing too cuz i've been raised in america but then i also understand how it's not viewed as gross in korea as it is in america. even still grosses me out >.< and the leave first go first thing is just some translating thing i's like a polite thing to say but when u translate it, it sounds weird? like in japan, they say itadakimasu and in korea they say chalmogosumnida, which translated means i'll eat well because of u or something along those lines. yea that's it :D neway, ur blog is hilarious and i enjoyed reading all ur things on the dramas...i'm contemplating on whether to watch anego or not. got ne suggestions?

  2. Hi Anonymous, and thx EVER so much for the nice comments!
    I'm sure it's got a lot to do with the translation, but the point I was trying to make is, the translation is to ENGLISH, yes? We don't say certain things, though the meaning or 'implied' voice can convey the same thing. If it's common to say "I'll leave first," but not in English, then it shouldn't be translated 'literally'.
    Anego was a bit draggy in spots, but I so loved staring at Akanishi, it didn't matter much to me. :)
    If you can, I suggest new dramas like Dream (Korean) or Buzzer Beat (Japanese).
    Again, much obliged to hear the positive feedback! Glad to have been of any entertainment value to you at all - that's what this is all about anyhow! ;)


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