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Sunday, December 14, 2008

못된 사랑 / Mos-toen Sa-rang / Bad Love

Kwon Sang Woo has an adorable lisp, just like Lee Min-ki does!
He's also got one, imPRESSive bod, too!

It's just, too bad we didn't get to see Kim Sung-soo shirtless during any part of BAD LOVE, because that would have made this drama all the more entertaining for me.

Kwon is married in real life, so despite the fabulous bod, I don't find him to be as attractive (or should I say, I can't find him to be as appealing) as his fellow, SINGLE thespians.

I don't want to say too much about this drama, because like everything else that I've seen lately (or picked out to watch on Mysoju) it's the same, boring melodrama about an ill-fated love triangle that ends ridiculously stupid IMHO.

Poor Lee Soo-wan (KSS), whose only crime it was to want to escape poverty and find a love to replace the father that he never had.

Like most, every Korean drama I've ever watched, Bad Love had that ubiquitous message being crammed down our throats again, and I'm sorry, but it's as overkill as every, other aspect of their genre.
I keep telling myself not to watch anymore too, but that message fails to sink in as painfully quick as the 'adultery will ban you to hell on earth' message, or the 'poor people need to learn their place in society' message does.

See, real life tells you that people are ignorant, and that parents are bound to screw up.
MATURITY dictates that at some point in your life, you break away from your mixed-up past and do things your own way.
In a Korean melodrama, however, the point is always driven home that parents are the root of ALL evil, and that the poor shall never mix with the rich.

Bad Love was a bad drama, and for many reasons, too.

There is the rich-bitch mother-in-law that treats her husband's bastard son like shit.
There is the rich-bitch daughter who has a viper tongue and drinks heavily.
There is the hapless, poor mother-in-law that cares more about money than her own son (m-hmm, that is such a staple of society, isn't it?)
She is the ruination of Kim Sung-soo's character (of course), and because of her, he has to stay married to his evil wife (who's only crime it was to love a man that never loved her ~ and I guess she was too stupid to figure that out until episode 20).

He's unhappy and in a loveless marriage.
She is innocent & carefree until she meets him, and after a whirlwind romance that leads to (dare I say it?) sex on a yacht, she discovers the truth about his real life, and the drama begins to unfold.

The catty wife finds out about the extramarital affair, so naturally, she hunts down and humiliates the innocent girl in front of her mother.
She kicks, claws, and spits at her in front of the seemingly spineless husband, and since he doesn't lift a finger to help (because he's being blackmailed into remaining inside the marriage so that his heartless mother doesn't go to jail), the innocent girl vows to hate him forever.

Her parents get into a tragic car accident shortly after she loses a baby, and because of the maligned, viper wife, she also loses her ability to play the cello anymore.


What I gained from Bad Love is a HEAP more, bad subtitles.

I think she meant to say sympathy ... yea?

I've got tons more, but I'll save them for another Screwed-Up Subtitles blog.
For now, I'll leave you with some awesome body shots of Kwon Sang-woo.

Peace ... out


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