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Friday, December 19, 2008

미녀는 괴로워 - 200 Pounds Beauty - Mi-nyeo-neun Goi-ro-wa

FINALLY ... another Korean Drama that I like!

And boy, did I worry about choosing to watch this one, believe me.

I'm not fat, and I'm not ugly, either ... but, if I had to live in a place like Korea, or Japan, or Taiwan, or maybe, even Hong Kong, I think I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb ~ and for more than just my Western appearance.
The natives would probably think that I'm fat, too.
IF I was to believe that what I see on these dramas and in their movies is the gospel-truth in their so-called reality, that is.
ARE all Asians that hung-up on looks, pencil-thin figures, and Gucci handbags?

Such a pathetic & unobtainable existence would be a logical explanation for the high suicide rates in that part of the world, no doubt.

Wow ... an actual reason to like where I live for a welcome change!
Guys here (and elsewhere, I know) like a woman with curves ... but, if I am to believe what I see from Asian cinema, then Asian men don't like it at all.
More's the pity!

Anyway ... 200lb Beauty was funny, interesting, and (surprise, surprise) CREDIBLE in a far-fetched kind of way.
It's about Han-na (Kim Ah-joong) (김아중), who sings behind the scenes for a witchy chick named Ami, a famous singer who can't, actually sing, so she lip-syncs to Han-na's beautiful voice.
She's gorgeous though, so that's all that matters in Korea (apparently).

Anyway, Han-na is really funny, and UNlike my Korean counterparts, I'd like to have her for a friend!
She's gentle, kind, considerate, and has a cute sense of humor.
The scenes with her doggy, Lovie, are priceless.

So, Han-na's got a big crush on our ever-present hot-bod, Sang Jun (Joo Jin-mo) (주진모).

Sang-jun is a producer, apparently living with Ami, but he treats her like shit, while he placates and smiles in the presence of Han-na (who is always forced to hide behind the scenes during Ami's concerts).

It was difficult to figure out just how he really felt about our obese Han-na at the beginning of this movie, and because he treated her so nice, I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing while he spoke with the viscious Ami in the 'ladies room' ... um ...
I never get that either, but ... Han-na was on the toilet, and unbeknownst to the two, guilty parties, they stood nearby, arguing about his true feelings for Ms. Han-na.
He said that Ami has no talent, but is gorgeous, and that Han-na has a lot of talent but is hideously ugly.

Of course, this hurts Han-na's feelings and breaks her heart, so she decides then and there to change, as it were.

This scene must have made the cutting room floor ...

...because I only recall her meeting with this guy while she was still obese, and it was really funny, too.
She went to this man for help with her unrequited love, and he gave her an amulet, to be sown inside Sang-jun's shirt, to make him love her as much as she loves him.
Was he the one that told her about Hakuna Matata? I don't think so, but that was a driving force behind Han-na's desire to become the woman that she figured Sang-jun wanted her to be.

I'm not saying that Joo Jin-mo isn't attractive, because he is in a typical, Korean actor way.

But, as with most Korean dramas & movies that I've watched over the years, it always makes me wonder how anyone has the right to judge anyone else, because 9 times out of 10, it's nothing more than ...

...a matter of opinion.

Han-na has a friend, Kim Hyeon-sook (김현숙), a back-up singer who isn't, exactly Korean-expectations gorgeous, or Korean-expectations stick-figure thin, either, and yet she still manages to surpass Han-na in the looks department because her weight & appearance aren't as obvious as Han-na's, (um, I guess).

Hey ... there was this really funny song that she (Han-na as the metamorphed Jenny) sings, and the lyrics are "...Maria, Ave Maria" but, it's a pop tune!
So, singing about the Blessed Virgin Mary is in over there?
Translated from Latin, it's "...Mary, Hail Mary"

Jenny (Han-na's alter-ego) retains her sweet nature while trying to accept the fact of her newly created, plastic image.
Again, I got a kick out of the dialogue about plastic surgery in that country.
Is everyone that wealthy, that they can get nose, eye, chin, cheek, boob, and butt jobs at will?
Hmmm ... I always wanted to try liposuction for my won't-go-away tummy.
Is it cheap over there?

Anyway, the difference between a man's opinion versus a woman's opinion on this topic makes me laugh, then sigh as I shake my head in utter dismay at the complete lack of character being displayed for the whole world to see.
Someone needs to explain to a clueless person like me how an entire race of people have come to the questionable conclusion that looks tell the whole story.
Personally, I've been labeled as a party-hearty gal, a wild-child nightclub hopper, and a miserable bitch.
Reality is, I can't drink even if I wanted to (deathly allergic to something in liquor, wine puts me to sleep almost immediately, and beer gives me an awful hangover).
The last time that I visited a nightclub was when I was still in college.
As for the bitch thing ... it's because I'm a deep thinker, so 99% of the time, when you see me, I'm frowning at the ground as I walk slowly, wondering about this or that.
If I had a buck for every time that someone has said, ", I used to think you were a stuck-up bitch!"

Having experienced things like this a majority of my life, I guess it's easy to understand why I don't like it when anyone else judges a book by it's cover.
It's wrong, it's immature, and it's groundless.
There are billions of individuals in this world, and all of them have something interesting to say, something unique to share, and something of value to the rest of society ... regardless of what your opinion of their looks is, too.
We can blame magazines, television, and the media for our warped perspective, but the truth of the matter is, our parents neglected to build our character when we were toddlers.
What difference does it make if a super-model graces the cover of Vogue, and you wish that you could wear the dress she has on?
Is it that earth-shattering to accept the fact that as hard as you wish for something to be so, it'll not happen that the uber-perfect man of your dreams gallops toward you on a white steed, sweeps you off your clumsy feet, and whisks you off to his sand castle in the sky?
Grow up already, get a clue, and LISTEN to what people have to say for a welcome change.
Close your deceptive eyes if you must, but give your ears, your HEART, and your soul a chance to do the work for a change, and see if you don't begin to look at the world in a different light.
Heck ... you might, actually find what you're really looking for, and wouldn't that be a shocking change from so-called reality.

Jenny lost her way, and then she found herself a second, and more meaningful time when she realized that her friends & family (those that supported Han-na) were far, more important to her than success, acceptance, or even the love of a gorgeous man.

She admits to her superficial fans that she's not whom she appears to be, and that she can't go on with the lie.
The concert-goers encourage her to sing, and afterwards, Jenny is replaced by the new and (ahem) improved Han-na.

200 Pounds Beauty is a cute, Korean movie, but the hype surrounding it (it's now a musical) eludes me still.
It wasn't that great ... was it?


  1. "Maria" was a hit pop song during the late 90's... By Blondie...

  2. i was looking for a beautiful movie. when i suddenly saw the fat girl singing backstage. (han-na). the movie was great. i'm so addicted with it. it makes me cry when she admits that she have a plastic surgery.
    - i'll watch it again and again. thanks for the blogger of this movie.


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